Episode 80 – Group Think, Kagan, BP and Far Right Radio

Ever wonder why it seems like nobody talks to each other anymore? Why nobody really engages or learns? Thanks to the Cato Institute’s Podcast on Epistemic Closure, the PoliTalk guys explain why Far Right Radio’s closed network means that public policy problems can never really be discussed…without shows like PolitTalk. Glenn and Jeff talk about the future of PoliTalk, and why you won’t be hearing the show on mainstream AM Talk Radio, but why we need more shows like this to populate the mainstream and change the nature of discourse in America. Jeff, who worked on the Senate Judiciary Committee and also worked on Supreme Court Nominations, explains why Kagan may be a less than inspired choice. Switching gears to BP, Glenn explains why this is a more spectacular failure than any of us recognize, not just because of lives lost, major environmental changes, but also because of the failure of the US to wean itself off foreign oil. Always entertaining and informative, it’s PoliTalk. Best Friends. Vast Experience. Informative political discussion…without the fighting…and with some laughs.

PoliTalk: Best Friends. Vast Political Experience. Refreshing political discussion…without the fighting…and with a few laughs. Hosted by Glenn Gaudet and Jeff Kimball.

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