Specter the Defector Part 2

A little over a year ago, Jeff & I called Senator Arlen Specter defection to the Democrats “political expediency and shameless acts of self-preservation”.  Well, it looks like we planted a seed that Specter’s opponent in the primary, Joe Sestak, has watered and put into full bloom with his latest campaign ad.



One response to “Specter the Defector Part 2

  1. Wow – he’s toast. And perfect timing for the ad also. Any earlier and there would have been plenty of time to blast it as unfair play that would have stuck to Sestak. Brilliant games-manship!

    On the other hand, there is some legitimacy to the moderate and liberal Republican dilemma.

    We have nowhere to go in our own party. From that perspective, I feel for those “like” Spector who seek ways to win without pandering to the far right.

    But this was a clear case of a power player trying to hold on at all costs.

    I hope everyone who has been in congress for more than 10 years gets voted out in Nov, regardless of party affiliation.

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