Alvin Greene Interview with CNN

This has to be the strangest candidate interview I have ever seen. South Carolina Senate candidate Alvin Greene does a phone interview with CNN anchor Don Lemon. It is uncomfortable to watch.

However, it begs the question about what is going on here.  How does an unemployed person with no money, no communication skills, no campaign staff and no name recognition win a Senate primary?



5 responses to “Alvin Greene Interview with CNN

  1. Interesting on so many levels. You want to come up with something amazingly insightful, but all there really is to say is – OMG!

    As crazy as this is, it is not to be dismissed. Only in a country where we have basically decided that our current government is in a state of total failure and collapse, could you have something like this happen.

    There could be lots of things going on here, likely deeply personal, possibly medical in nature – but let’s focus on the bigger picture.

    It’s the mother of all jump balls. If you have a message and the will, you can run for office. All things being equal, the people are ready to hit the reset button and try something radically new and different.

    David Axelrod said it on Meet the Press yesterday, and we read it all last week after the primaries. It’s all about the candidate. But recognize David, you are right, but you still don’t get it. Being an incumbent today makes you a bad candidate. It’s not black and white – incumbent you are out, newbie you are in, but there has never been a better time to run for office.

    The next person you see on the street asking for a signature to get them on the ballot – sign it – whether they are a Republican or a Democrat.

    I think this guy is an anomaly, I think this will work itself out. But it’s game-on for real change.

    Nothing should surprise us over the next 5 months… It’s a brave new world.

  2. Michael Dunne

    Is there anything to the rumor that the electronic voting machines may have been experiencing problems? If so, could that have had an impact?

    Also, can independents and Republicans cross the line and vote in the Dem’s primaries?

    • Michael – I had not heard anything credible on the voting irregularity thing, but Keith Olbermann did state on his show that it was an open primary. So in theory, it could have been an operation “Chaos” ala Rush Limbaugh, and Republicans may have gone to vote for Greene.

  3. How on Earth did this man even win a primary? I would be scared to live in SC now. I know that in NJ you can only vote in a primary if you are a registered member of a party, but independents can vote in whichever primary they choose.
    I really like this: (from Wikipedia)

    In response to an official protest filed by Rawl, the executive committee of the South Carolina Democratic Party conducted a formal hearing on June 17, 2010, to review questions regarding the legitimacy of the primary election results. Greene did not attend nor send a representative to the hearing. The executive committee found no sufficient evidence of impropriety, and voted to uphold the June 8 election results.

    I guess that means he is going to run. Will Rawl run against him anyway? He would probably have to run as an independent. It would definitely split the vote somewhat, but I’d bet that the democrats would have a better chance with both running than just Greene. Really, can you imagine him in a debate? That interview there was worse than the one with Palin.

  4. Personally, I’d like to see that debate.

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