Brilliant Commentary, Speaks for Itself

Friend of the Show, Ben Davol, just wrote  a brilliant commentary for the New London Day. Check it out here.  Just goes to show you that the smartest political minds are outside of Washington and New York. Ben is, what they call in the business, a “seasoned” campaign veteran, working with the likes of John McCain. What I really admire about Ben is his independence — he works for people who are leaders, who have bold ideas and the courage of their convictions (McCain in 2000, Democrats at times as well). I write this so that you understand my bias — I’m inclined to like what Ben writes, because I see him as a man of wisdom and character — something lacking in politics today. But read it for yourself. My Progressive friends, who knock me for talking with and exchanging views and ideas with so-called conservatives or Independents, should take note from Ben’s article. We face enormous problems in this country — they aren’t Progressive, Liberal, Conservative or Independent. Some in politics take the think tank approach — and it’s good to have a great intellectual discussion about ideas, but at some point we need a leader who can help us deal with these problems and bring people together to get it done. As a Progressive, I was not happy with the way President Obama led us through health care reform, or Wall St. reform…or the BP oil spill. I sometimes feel like I’m watching a Mensa meeting, when what I want is to see someone like NJ Gov Chris Christie sweating it out and going door to door, even if I don’t agree with everything he might be doing (in this case I do). — Jeff Kimball



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