Sharron Angle Interview

Wow! You need to watch this. Republican Senatorial Candidate Sharron Angle steps up to her first interview outside of right leaning media. We see another Tea Party candidate talking about her views and positions on policy.

There is a certain genuineness that you don’t get with most politicians. However, she comes across as naive on many issues, backtracking on past statements and extremely out of the mainstream on others.



One response to “Sharron Angle Interview

  1. Bonnie Parmenter

    Sharron Angle does represent the American peoples views. Yes, retructure our tax system
    have something that is not so discretionary. Get government out of business. Legalizing Marajana is a mistake. We did it in Oregon for medical purposes and it is a failed bill. When I read the stuff Harry Reid tryed to expose her for that sounded kind of cooky. I though, she believes almost exactly like I do. She just worded thing a little wrong like making alcohol illegal. Just because you think our society would be a lot better off with-out it because it causes so many problems does not mean you would push to make it illegal. She believes in freedom so she would not make it illegal unless the majority agreed and that is not going to happen.

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