Episode 89 – Debt, Deficit and the Concord Coalition

“The Accountants are Coming, The Accountants are Coming!” – It took an accountant to take down Al Capone, what will it take to bring down out of control government spending? Our Guest Jeff Thiebert, National Grassroots Director for the Concord Coalition helps break it down for us as Glenn and Guest Blogger Jeff start building their bunkers for the coming financial apocalypse. Mr. Thiebert tells us about Concord’s, “Fiscal Wake Up” tours, and how you can get involved as part of the solution. If you are yourself, or have ever dated an actuary, or wanted to date an actuary, then don’t listen to this show. But, if you want to cold hard facts on what it will take to tackle the critical spending issues that face our nation, then tune in. Don’t spend another dime with your credit card until you listen to this show.

PoliTalk – Refreshing political discussion…without the fighting…and with a few laughs. Hosted by Glenn Gaudet and Jeff Kimball.

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