Episode 90 – Aliens, Leaks and Movies – A Very Special PoliTalk Episode

In this “very special” episode, Glenn and Jeff give you an extended “Last Shots”. Out of the gate, Glenn and Jeff talk about Arizona’s controversial immigration law. They deconstruct the Judge’s ruling gutting most of the law, and the policy and political ramifications. They wonder why Democrats are so hesitant to get more out in front of this, and why a Republican Governor who’s presiding over a sinking economy needs to shift the focus to something else (well, we know why she’s doing it, but we’re wondering if everyone else does too). At the 25 minute mark, they discuss the WikiLeaks controversy, and join together in calling this action irresponsible, unconscionable, and unfortunate. They explain that there are other more appropriate means to report wrongdoing that doesn’t put people’s lives at risk. At the 46 minute mark, they talk about an interesting new posting relating to the shrinking middle class in America.

It is indeed a very special episode, and one you won’t want to miss.During an extended “Last Shots”, Glenn and Jeff give you an inside look at the movie industry, as Jeff talks about his role in an upcoming feature film.

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One response to “Episode 90 – Aliens, Leaks and Movies – A Very Special PoliTalk Episode

  1. Speaking of last shots.

    And this is harsh. If this proves to be the Pfc Army guy – he is sworn to defend this country. It is an act of treason. Was Eddie Slovak the last to die from a firing squad.

    Before everyone jumps on me about First Amendment rights. There is a reason why classified information is classified. To put those that have tried to help us (and their families) at risk is unconscionable.

    That person has also chosen to let the enemy, China and Russia have clearer insight into our strengths, weaknesses and methodologies.

    This isn’t a poker game folks. There are people out there that really want to kill us. And apparently we have a couple of people more than happy to help them do it.

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