Republicans haven’t been for much of anything over the last couple of years. In fact, it seems they have enjoyed using their filibuster power at record levels, simply delaying or denying things based on arcane procedure, and not letting a simple majority rule. Okay, it’s their right…But after leading us into The Great Recession through their own fiscal irresponsibility when they were in control of the White House and Congress, they now return to their well-worn, tired ideas to offer up the one thing they are for: more tax cuts. Hey, that’s great — let’s cut everyone’s taxes, hand out sugar plumbs and go live on La La Land, where the air is sweet and the people are grand. Back in the world I live in, these same Republicans were against renewing unemployment benefits, against most of the things Democrats have been trying to do, because of the negative impact the policies would have on the deficit. Their mantra? If you want it, find a way to pay for it. So now, in a campaign season, they make an issue out of extending the Bush tax cuts, but do they offer up a way to pay for them? No. They pay for themselves, their argument goes. I’m willing to take an unpopular position: while tax cuts are great ideas when running for office, we can’t afford them right now. Pandering will get you everywhere politically, but it will run the country into a deeper hole. I know people don’t want to hear it, but if you eat cake and ice cream all day long, it sure does taste good, but it’s going to make you fat. Period. And the only way to work it off is discipline, hard work and cutting the fat.

How stupid do they think we are? Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us.  We need to hold everyone to the same standard. These cowardly hypocrites need to be held accountable. This is complete and total hypocricy that should not be tolerated during serious times. Where’s the outrage from the Tea Party now? Where are the fiscal conservatives calling this irresponsible?  I applaud David Stockman, the architect of Ronald Reagan’s fiscal policies, for calling this proposal absurd, but are there any prominent Republicans from, say, the last 20 years who have the guts to call the Republicans on this? How about you, Glenn Beck?  John McCain? Sarah Palin, do you have the cajones to speak out, or does your half-term as Governor not give you the requisite experience to speak intelligently on such matters without someone whispering in your ear or writing on your hand?

The Republicans are a mockery to the very notion of an opposition party. You get what you deserve, America.

– Jeff Kimball



3 responses to “Cowardly HYPOCRITES

  1. On top of being hypocrites, which most in Washington are – they missed a HUGE opportunity to score by demanding both that the tax cuts get extended AND that we also cut other spending in the budget to pay for them!

    Now wouldn’t that have been something. But politics leaves little room for common sense.

    It would have shown the consistency and honesty that America is craving – It never would have happened – but it would have been better politics, and it would be the right thing to do.

  2. Maureen Williams

    The rational fiscal conservatives have all been drowned out by the Becks, McCains, Palins, etc., who have unfortunately taken control of the FGOP (Formerly Grand Old Party).

    If I recall, Sen. Brown put forth a proposal on the unemployment extension recommending that the extension of benefits come out of the Stimulus, which got no support from anyone on the R side and died before it was even born. Of course he was painted (by the Democrats) as againstthepoorsufferingunemployedworkingpersonswhoneedourhelpOMG!!!11!!

    I can’t say whether it was a good plan or a bad plan. It wasn’t even debated. No Republican stood up to support it. No other alternatives were offered on either side (other than “print some more money and we’ll figure it out later”. My mother is all for this, BTW) I just wish there was an opportunity for new ideas – even bad ones – to be discussed and debated so that perhaps better ideas – regardless of which side they came from – might help us out of this mess.

  3. Maureen Williams

    PS – Tax Cut ?? Sorry, no comprende. My Bush Tax Cut amounted to a grand total of one check for $300.00 over Bush’s eight years. Meanwhile, I now have to have more $$ taken out voluntarily so I don’t have to pay (and be penalized) at the end of the year. Between state and Feds I never see somewhere in the neighborhood of 38% of the money I work HARD for. Who got all those tax cuts, cuz it sure wasn’t me !!

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