Episode 92 – Unmasking the Mosque: The Politics of Diversion

The talk about whether to build or not build the cultural center, the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque,” is a brilliant political ploy with no grounding in constitutional law that is diverting the attention away from what no politician can focus on: jobs and the economy. So while this argument is fabricated to move independent voters and solidify cultural conservatives, the former “religious right,” we spend a couple more weeks talking about something that will not result in a middle class family getting a job or getting off the unemployment line. Also in this episode, Jeff and Glenn discuss the politics of Congressional vacations. At the 31 minute mark, they discuss the stimulus package, bailouts and the status of several Congressional races.

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3 responses to “Episode 92 – Unmasking the Mosque: The Politics of Diversion

  1. So where do I start – so many things to bring me out of my one-week blog hibernation.

    On GM – My prediction is that GM will be bankrupt in the next 5 years. IPO or not. The business model burdened with union labor and massive employee entitlements cannot sustain. Subsidies (bailouts) in general make no sense be it for oil & gas, agriculture, or the auto industry. Companies and industries that are not making money should be allowed to fail. Companies and industries that are making profits do not need subsidies. We delayed the inevitable by bailing out GM. We’ll have to go through that huge bump in the road sometime in the future, and we’ve lost that time to retool their resources and work force. What ever happened to “Too bad not to fail”. Capitalism works well, but it does not work when government intervenes to remove the downside of risk taking. Our current government hybrid capitalism creates the type of environment that led to our current crisis.

    On the Fox Donation – Have you heard about Journolist? The list-service of journalist’s that conspired to manage how they talked about Obama in order to get him elected. The major story that the liberal main stream media is not even covering!? Go google – “Journolist”. You will be shocked at what went on. If hundreds of respected journalist’s and bloggers on the left can coordinate and conspire to manage the news in a propaganda style, then why shouldn’t Fox give a million bucks to the Republican party. I’d rather have them give a donation and have it out in the open, than have the media conspire in secret to change the narrative in order to make things go their way.

    On the Mosque – I, like Michelle Obama, am embarrassed to be an American. BTW – there are 2 strip clubs closer to ground zero than the mosque. All due respect to the memories of those lost, some former business associates included, this is not a battle worth fighting. The only thing crazier than fighting this battle is investigating the motives and backers! Thank you Nancy Pelosi for the stupid sound bite of the week. And thank you Pilgrims for coming to this continent to escape religious persecution.

    On the elections – I think Jeff is right. The Tea Party trends break down nationwide. I believe though that this election is truly a referendum on an extreme left agenda. Established candidates that can successfully distance themselves from Obama are safe. The more high profile the race, the more the candidate is directly associated with Obama, the more likely the race goes to the Republican. I continued to be shocked and dismayed by how often I hear that “Obama went to the center and pissed off his base”

    OMG! Yes – imagine a teenage valley girl saying that?

    If this is the center – Allah help us all!!!!!!

  2. Without trying to be rude at all, I just don’t understand the controversy here.

    Is building an Islamic Spiritual-Cultural Center 2 blocks from ground zero in bad taste? Very possibly—it’s a subjective and no one person is going to have the exact same view as another, but I can defiantly see the argument there.

    Is it disrespectful to those (of any faith) who’s loved ones lost their lives? Well—that’s a little bit trickier. Certainly I doubt the family and loved ones of the devout Muslims that were murdered feel like it is a dishonor—in fact they likely think of it as a very real monument to the fallen (all of them—not just the Muslims). Doubly so as any spiritual views expressed their (at least by those organizing the venture) would be Sufi Islam. Sufi—probably the most liberal interpretation of the Islamic faith w/ any kind of main stream following.

    But of course there were many non-Muslims killed in the 9/11 attacks and I can understand why they would not want it there—it is a reminder that their son/daughter/wife/husband/friend/parent was taken from them in a cruel, heartless, barbaric way and that it was done in the name of a religion to which they do not personally prescribe and likely have never had the opportunity to experience first hand (however distorted and twisted the attacker’s view of Islam was).

    Is it legal? Well…yes. It would also be legal to open an office for the Gun Owners of America across from the Alfred P Murrah Building (or across the street from a cemetery where many of the victims of the Oklahoma City Bombing are buried for that matter—assuming it was private property). That doesn’t make it well-advised, or even very nice, but it IS legal.

    So, disrespectful? Maybe. Legal? Yes. Painful for a lot of people? Without doubt.

    But what does that matter? Please understand that I am not trying to be unfeeling and if I was personally in charge of this project I would probably not have chosen that spot (although I can see the reasoning behind it when you consider that the man behind it has risen to prominence as a liberal voice in the Muslim community—w/ the help of the Bush Administration—largely on his open, vehement and continued denouncement of radical Islam in the wake of 9/11). But, seriously, this is what we are talking about 3 months before an election? Seriously? W/ an out of control deficit, huge ongoing environmental disaster, continued slump in the economy, private contractors STILL in Iraq by the 10’s of thousands as the army largely pulls out, worsening fighting in Afghanistan, worsening relations w/ the rest of the Arab world, Guantanamo still open, a supreme court appointee that everyone on the left thinks is too right and everyone on the right thinks is too left, and a long term economic plan that seems intent on stabilizing things for the next 20 years before the system just collapses all over again (and w/ the exception of the few people on both sides of the isle that have proposed plans to cut government expense and RAISE taxes, the conservative “plan” isn’t any better than the democrat’s one). And this is what we are talking about? A public opinion dispute over if somebody can build a religiously themed community center on private property close to a national landmark?

    I get that people don’t like it and I can even get why but it doesn’t matter. They have the right to build there. It’s the law. It’s one of those rights guaranteed by the constitution and it doesn’t matter how unpopular those rights are—it is still legal. That’s why somebody made them rights and not, say, suggestions—because they are insulated from public opinion.

    In a time when our country is facing very real problems I do not understand why this is news. I am a dyed-in-the-wool liberal, but I am self-aware enough to realize that not every problem has a traditionally “liberal” solution, or a solution that I would easily support w/o somebody on the other side pushing me to recognize the limitations of my own dogma and the benefits of what may be a more “conservative” solution. I think that a lot of more rational conservatives would agree that no one philosophy works for all situations and that the huge problems our country faces today requires both conservative and liberal viewpoints to solve. But in a time when our law makers and citizens (left, right, and center) should be debating the myriad of issues that plague us as a nation all I hear when I turn on the news is 20 minutes for every hour of programming about what various and sundry law makers think about the “Ground Zero Mosque”.

    We have real issues to talk about and real problems to solve, and I am tired of fighting about whether a group of private citizens can build a building on private land, no matter how angry that building may makes people.

  3. JonG – Well said – Every word!

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