Episode 96 – The Flat Tax

In this episode of PoliTalk, Jeff and Glenn wade deep into tax policy by exploring the Flat Tax with their special guest Alvin Rabushka who is the Hoover Institution’s David and Joan Traitel Senior Fellow (emeritus).  Dr. Rabushka received his A.B. in Far Eastern studies from Washington University (St. Louis) in 1962, followed by his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in political science from Washington University in 1966 and 1968. In 2007, he was honored as a distinguished alumnus of the School of Arts and Sciences at Washington University. After Dr. Rabushka explains the Flat Tax in an informative (and entertaining) way, Glenn and Jeff discuss the political realities of getting this kind of policy passed.

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3 responses to “Episode 96 – The Flat Tax

  1. The $$Trillion$$ question. Did you guys ask the guest separately or is it in his book – What happens to our revenue side when you implement this? Has he done a model for example – if we had a 19% flat tax, what would treasury revenue be? Higher? Lower?

    I am for the flat tax concept, but in the end its all about spending relative to revenue. Flat tax should be combined with a balanced budget amendment.

  2. He said that when they did analysis back in the 1990s, that it actually came in above the need. However, I suspect that no change in taxation can change the current deficit short term.

  3. THAT was the best episode of Politalk.
    After listening, I’m left with many thoughts, but the overwhelming feeling is that wouldn’t it be amazing if the people who govern in Washington did something like this that is so obviously a better idea than the current system?

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