Where the Hell are the Libertarians?

There’s a party in our country right now, a real party, not a movement, who’s thought leadership on many aspects of society is right in line with the common sense mainstream of America.  The Libertarians.

They’ve been a party since 1971 but hold exactly zero national offices.  They do claim many state and local officials.

I don’t get it.

My prediction – being a Libertarian will be “en vogue” 2 years from now (don’t laugh – I predicted Rose wine coming back a few years ago).

Libertarian will be the new black – for those fashionista’s out there!

Ron Paul is a Libertarian, and he is openly making believe he is a Republican.  What I mean by that is that everyone knows he’s a Libertarian, he knows it, and it’s a wink and a nod.  His son, Rand Paul – is a Libertarian. But a closet Libertarian.  He thinks he can make people believe he’s a Republican by adopting all Republican social issues.

Bad move – and disappointing.

If stuff from the Cato Institute were more approachable to the mainstream – and by that I mean more mass media consumable, then I think you would have an overwhelming majority in this country identifying themselves as fiscally conservative and socially liberal – a.k.a. – Libertarians.  I think that’s where most Americans are. And it might be better than what we have.

Every party has their baggage

  • Democrats run with the socialists
  • For Republicans, God just always seems to get in the way
  • The Libertarians believe that you should be able to buy Uzi’s and Heroin at Wall-mart

I pledge this today.  If the Republicans win back the House and/or the Senate and F&^%# it all up again. Then I’m done.  I’m a Libertarian.  Instead of fighting fellow Republicans on social issues, I’ll start fighting fellow Libertarians to keep guns and dope out of convenience stores.

BTW – Take the “Are you a Libertarian” quiz here.

What do you think?  Guest Blogger Jeff



2 responses to “Where the Hell are the Libertarians?

  1. Maureen Williams

    90% libertarian. I knew it!! I do believe that there should be some form of military or other service required for all young adults (though you didn’t see me joining the military or the peace corp or any of that so take that for what it’s worth!!), and I do believe that there should be some sort of small government safety net to help people in the short term who are in trouble. Again, never needed or wanted it, but there should be something that keeps people from starving,freezing, etc. in the short term. I don’t know that private charity could do it all effectively considering how much they already do and how much additional government assistance is needed..

    Other than that, RTWT.

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