Christine O’Donnell: I’m You – Campaign Ad

What can I say? I love this ad. It has that familiar music that reminds me of my favorite PC/Mac ads that Apple does. It shows the candidate with soft and comfortable lighting. Heck, she is even wearing pearls (remember Beaver’s mom?). This is what a political consultant does when they have very little to work with, and it can be very effective.

  1. Is this candidate well educated in policy? No.
  2. Is this candidate running on a track record of political accomplishments? No.
  3. Is this candidate capable of performing in a tough interview setting? No.

Well then, create an ad that side-steps the issues, says nothing of substance and plays to voter frustration of the incumbents. Absolutely brilliant!

By the way, have you ever thought that a candidate would start their own campaign ad with “I’m not a witch”? I think she just lost the vote in Salem, Massachusetts, but I still love this ad!

That’s it, I need to watch it again.



5 responses to “Christine O’Donnell: I’m You – Campaign Ad

  1. Michael Forrest

    That’s one way to look at it. Another is that this ad was designed to help neutralize the many personal attacks launched by the left at O’Donnell that have nothing to do with political “substance”, either.

    How many main-stream talk and “news” programs made much of O’Donnell being a “witch” – when O’Donnell was a 17 year old girl? Yet how many of them were nearly as interested and condemnatory when Hillary Clinton was having a seance in order to contact the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt?

    Is this to say that O’Donnell is “well-qualified”? No. But I will offer this – I’ve seen a lot of “well-qualified” scoundrels in my time – especially in politics. I’m more concerned with allegations of misappropriation of campaign funds in the O’Donnell campaign (as well as substantive policy differences, of course). If these allegations are true and not just trumped up by her political opponents, then we have a problem, Houston.

  2. I stand by my statement. I love the ad… really!

  3. Michael Forrest

    LOL. Okay – well, then we agree. The ad is pretty good and probably effective. Although, I did think she talked a little slowly at times and almost seemed like she was on medication. 🙂

  4. I can’t wait to see this ad spoofed on SNL this weekend – its got to be the lead…..

    Actually – her as the host of SNL – that’s the next brilliant move for this campaign manager…..

  5. Interesting ad. It actually came off as something for college orientation week (I’m ok you’re ok message to the incoming freshmen).

    I have to say, the introduction of “I am a witch” came off as bit suprising. Not sure I ever expected to hear that in American politics. However, as one poster mentioned, that was something from long time ago, and came out in friendly banter I thought with Bill Maher (who actually said she was a nice person – and seem to have meant it).

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