Christine O’Donnell Had Classified Information on China?

In what seems to be a weekly occurrence, yet another gem has been given to Democrats from the treasure trove of Christine O’Donnell statements from the past. This week, and audio clip from a 2006 debate O’Donnell participated in surfaced. In it O’Donnell claims that she has classified information that China is planning to take over the US. When pressed on whether she has a security clearance to get classified information, she explains that the information was from various non-profit groups.

A couple of things:

  1. Her use of the term classified is just wrong. Non-profit groups do not disseminate classified information… confidential maybe, but not classified.
  2. China doesn’t need to take over the USA, they already own most of our debt. One could argue they already own us.

What get’s O’Donnell into trouble is the fact that she shoots from the hip when she speaks. This is why you don’t see here with many public appearances or interviews now.  Less is more form a campaign point of view. She says things without thinking first. We all do this from time to time. She does it a lot. In the debate, she could have made the point about China without the “classified” bit and may have been able to say now that in 2006, I claimed that China was looking to take over the USA… now they own most of our debt. But alas, she did not. As a result, she provides lots of fodder for the media and this humble blog.

I’m looking forward to next week.

P.S. Christine, I love your smile!


2 responses to “Christine O’Donnell Had Classified Information on China?

  1. Listen.

    You. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

    Christine O’Donnell has double super secret security clearance and she could have told you what is REALLY going on, but then she would have had to kill you.

    Get it now?

    Now, this conversation never happened. Understood?

  2. Wow – OK I submit – officially the first Republican candidate of 2010 I hope does not get elected.

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