Politics – Avoidance and Trade-Offs

It is extremely difficult to govern effectively.  The reason is that to be elected you need to be popular and have people like you.  You do this by avoiding making the tough decisions.  In order to govern effectively, you need to make difficult decisions, trade-offs, that some or many will not be happy with, and won’t vote for you again.

That’s why I believe that term limits are so important.  They remove the imperative to make decisions that result in getting re-elected, in favor of the freedom to make the necessary difficult decisions.

The Governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels, said recently that he would consider a VAT tax and a tax on imported oil.  Holy crazy tax and spend liberal batman!!!!  But Mitch has an (R) before his name.

Mitch knows that it’s hypocritical to spend so much money and not pay for it.  He knows that as a society, if we are going to have our current government, or one larger, we have to raise taxes to pay for it.  And not just on the rich – on everyone.  Because deciding to discriminate against a segment of society based on their financial status would be inconsistent with American values.

So here’s to Mitch – he’s not avoiding giving us the bad news.  He knows that higher taxes must be part of the solution to the financial catastrophe that Washington has created. Or maybe Mitch has sort of given up and realized that we the people will not return to our values of liberty until we are taxed so oppressively that we just can’t take it anymore.

I am willing to pay a little more than I currently do in taxes, if Washington is willing to promise me that they will balance the budget every year and pay down the debt.  That’s my trade-off.

What’s your trade-off?  What level of Liberty are you willing to give up for government doing more?  How much more money are you willing to have taken away from your children for the benefit of others?

Find out where your personal line is – and vote that way in Nov.

What do you think?

Guest Blogger Jeff


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