Conway vs. Paul – The Religious Ads

So much for separation of church and state…


One response to “Conway vs. Paul – The Religious Ads

  1. I think this will backfire. The Conway ad is just about as silly as the O’Donnell ad in terms of making the candidate look worse than the target. I’ll have to say I love the “hippi-esque”, turtle-neck wearing, sectarian, love-guru look they found for Rand. You can actually hear Steely Dan playing in the background if you listen hard enough.

    Rand’s response ad could not have been more perfect for his constituency.

    See a great piece from Anderson Cooper on these ads here. As a side note – I think Anderson Cooper might be the only actual journalist left on TV.

    I think Conway just threw a Hail Mary pass that was intercepted in the end zone with no time left on the clock. Put this race in the “safe” category for an (R), or really an (L) if your paying attention.

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