The Washington D.C. Reality Show – Chicago Style

You rarely see such a blatant example of voter pandering than the Obama administration granting Obamacare waivers to 30 companies earlier this month.  Sometimes things happen that just leave you speechless, and make you wonder if anyone is paying attention.  Or more accurately, convinces you that Washington does not believe any of us are paying attention.

One of the biggest criticisms by conservatives against Obamacare was the assertion that thousands would lose their insurance under Obamacare.  That assertion was dismissed as fear mongering.

Fast-forward 6 months.  When about 1,000,000 people are about to lose their insurance coverage based on the mandates in Obamacare.  The administration swoops in and grants waivers weeks before the mid-term elections.  Waivers for companies employing largely lower income and traditionally democratic voting blocks – McDonalds, Jack in the Box, and The United Federation of Teachers, among others.  If it were not true, it would be a comedy skit.

You’re kidding right?  Where’s the call for a special council to investigate graft? Not since Bush’s Medicare Part D has there been such an example of an outright “bribe” to a voting block.

Yes – I said it. A Bribe. If this happened in a foreign country and we were reading about it in the Times, that’s what we would all think.  We would say–“those poor misguided so and so’s. They don’t have real democracy and their leaders are all about lining their pockets. I hope we don’t give them any foreign aid”

But it’s happening here and its reality show caliber folly.  Except it’s not Snookie. It’s the White House.  What’s the difference between selling a Senate seat, and massive Unions selling their votes to the Democrats, paid –off with taxpayer dollars?  Hmmm – is there a Chicago theme here?

Can someone defend these waivers please with some logical argument so I can go back to believing that Americans are paying attention? Do we still live in a democracy with checks and balances.  Am I just having a bad day?

What do you think?  Guest Blogger Jeff


2 responses to “The Washington D.C. Reality Show – Chicago Style

  1. I have a major problem with the special exemptions. It just shows how poorly designed the law is or the typical Washington two-step. Also, I have a problem with calling this Obamacare. The reality is it is not Obamacare, it is the Congressional special interest laden bill that yes, the president did sign. However, since Obama never actually put forward his own bill, we will never know exactly what “Obamacare” would have looked like. Technically I believe it is called the Affordable Health Care Act. Since my healthcare rates went up after the bill became law, my personal preference is HigherCostCare. Oh and by the way, buy some PoliTalk T-shirts so I can pay the increase in my health insurance. I think 50 T-shirts per month should cover the increase.

  2. Jeff – you’re absolutely correct that the people of this country are asleep. Pelosi said that they’d have to “pass the bill to find out what’s in the bill” and the people did not dethrone her right there. Obama said that no one would lose their health care and rates would not rise. We get the government we deserve and, as long as we continue to keep these cronies in office, we deserve it. This administration continues to ignore the will of the people. Congress does the same. They answer only to special interests. The only chance is for us to vote for challengers – no incumbents – this election. I don’t care how well your congressman or senator is doing for you, to stop the madness, vote out the incumbent!

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