Episode 103 – Debt Commission, Pelosi and Post Election Politics

A groundbreaking report was released by the co-chairs of President Obama’s Debt and Deficit Reduction Commission. What does the report entail, and why is EVERYONE so upset about it? To make progress on the debt and deficit means doing more than the PR savvy and politically popular thing like cutting earmarks or reducing domestic or defense spending. Dealing with the debt and deficit means making real tough choices — like putting everything on the table, including social security reforms and medicare. But to do this, one has to risk losing power and money in the guise of support from their own constituencies. Why is it that the Obama administration is backing off its engagement of tax cuts for the wealthy? What is the new post-election political landscape, and what do these actions from the Obama administration mean in terms of short and long term politics? And it seems the more things change, the more they stay the same, with Speaker Pelosi deciding to retain her leadership of the House Democrats. Jeff and Glenn wonder why leaders don’t know when to step aside? With the Democrats losing a historic number of seats in House, why is it that everyone in leadership positions retains their jobs? Is that sending the right message to voters? Our co-hosts close by giving a plea to listeners to nominate PoliTalk for the podcasting award.

Document referenced in this show:
Debt Commission Co-chair’s Proposal

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