Republican Hypocrisy

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Sen. John Kyl, Republican of Arizona, was for earmarks, then after the election he was against earmarks, but now it looks like he’s for them again, requesting and earning a $200 million earmark for a specific interest in his home state, stuck into a larger bill (definition of an earmark). Check out this story.


7 responses to “Republican Hypocrisy

  1. Where’s the line item veto when we need it!

  2. This definition seems a bit vague: “A key trait is that they are projects that haven’t been sought by the administration in power.”

    I thought the House of Representatives at least was entrusted with crafting and approving a budget regardless of the wishes of the Executive Branch.

    Otherwise, hypocracy is a normal human condition. Not sure this will matter much, unless alot of other Republicans appear to flip flop on positions.

    As for the senator, I think the real outrageous issue is his playing politics with a nuclear arms treaty. But he may want to follow the playbook of conservatives back in the 1970s (who didn’t like SALT I or SALT II and pushed for the Team B counter assessment of the CIA’s work on the Soviet Union). It did work politically to an extent.

  3. To quote Brandeis: Sunlight is the best disinfectant

    I think rules that help publicize how items are placed in budgets, their purpose, and the submitting representatives/Senators would help.

    Not big on the line item veto – seems to encroach upon the rights of the legislature.

  4. Michael – sunlight requires people to be looking out the window to see it – or in this case – requires voters to notice, be disturbed, and care enough to do something. Think about yourself blogging here on Thanksgiving, now remember that nearly half of America does not even bother taking 30min to vote every 2 years.

    There was talk from somewhere I remember of requiring that all earmarks be posted on a website with the name of the sponsoring rep. I think its a great idea, but the fact is that all that info is currently available through organizations like CAGW – Citizens Against Government Waste.

    I also remember Obama floating the idea for a Bill that would allow the President to send an itemized list of the earmarks of any Bill that he was about to sign, back to Congress, and Congress would have to do straight yes/no vote on each item. If they passed, they remained in the Bill, if they did not, then they were removed.

    A back door kind of line item veto that gave the President the responsibility to call them out, and the Congress the accountability to have to vote on them.

    I thought that was a neat idea.

  5. It’s interesting to see how the acts of a single republican are stated as if representing the entire party and then on top of the the media portrays it in the same manner. I would think a title more like “will this make the republicans look bad?” would make more sense rather than damning everyone for the acts of one; isn’t that generalizing after all?

    • Good point, and fair, though Republicans have been in lock-step since Obama was elected and they as a caucus made the definitive statement just before this to ban all earmarks. Presumably when they all vote as a bloc, and they act as a bloc to let us know how they intend to vote on such things as earmarks, and when the #2 Senate Republican breaks ranks, it doesn’t reflect well on the party. But my bad on the label…

      Jeff K

  6. Agreed. It does look bad on the party as a whole when the #2 guy does things like this. Goes to show that being #2 does not mean stupidity is absent. What would make me very upset would be to know that no one will go to this guy, slap him in the back of his head and say “you idiot, thanks for making us look bad”.

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