Julian Assange: Techno Terrorist

Lots of info to digest, so here are some random thoughts: Whatever you think about the information itself, it is a crime to steal classified information.

The ends don’t justify the means. There isn’t anything in here (i.e. The Pentagon Papers) that justifies this crime in the name of moral clarity — of doing the right thing.

This in a lot of ways is a story about how hard it is to work in Government today and have any kind of freedom. Imagine if everything you said and wrote was captured on wikileaks. Yes these are public officials, but they are also entitled to some level of private deliberation. This is the new world we live in, however…

OMG, the incompetence! How can it be that someone can download all this info onto a flash drive…if it’s SECRET and CLASSIFIED?!  Can it be that easy to steal information? Who runs the government computer systems anyway?

— Jeff K


3 responses to “Julian Assange: Techno Terrorist

  1. Techno terrorist seems to be a bit of an extreme label. Maybe egocentric, agitating opportunist (say like some of the sixties radicals high on the fumes of their fame). More seriously, a potential serious sex offender (if the investigations from Sweden are true).

    I would assume with all the diverse systems implemented within the government, the relatively large numbers of staff (direct employees and contractors), and the overclassification of what essentially could be data overload, that yes, it could be easy to download on a memory stick a ton of details.

    Otherwise, having stuff stolen doesn’t seem all that new or too hard. The Soviets got details of the atom bomb and possibly the H-bomb program relatively easily; there were the Pentagon Papers; and later in the 70s a 20-something TRW employee sold the Soviets details of our Big Bird satellites (serious stuff that got made into a movie – the Falcon and the Snowman).

    Then there is the whole new Cyberwarfare angle, which should get interesting in the future (and which the leaks seem to suggest bothered many because of activity/traffic from China).

    By the way, when are you going to post something on a provocative issue concerning sino-US relations? May attract newcomers, like the 50-cent club (no relation to the rapper).

  2. It seems that no “unbeatable” security system is unbeatable because in the end someone has to get access to it and in the end we are all human and no matter how many background checks are done, how much surveillance is used, how much trust is put in; people will be people and we will never know what truly goes on in the minds of anyone holding the access codes to any security system. If there is a way in, there is a way out, that is essentially a fact.

    For crying out load, we entrust our lives to politicians and they screw everything up constantly, it’s no surprise to me a member of this Government can be corrupt in any way, even to the point of treason.

  3. Imagine that everything I said or wrote was captured on Wikileaks!
    Really, do!
    You wouldn’t have to be afraid because I might manipulate you, I’m not taking your money to pay for killing other people lying about it all the time. People have the right to know what governments do because governments are here to serve people, not the other way round!
    Does this make me a socialist? I don’t know. And I don’t care. People are starving while thy don’t give a damn. Somebody should take them down.

    And look at that guy. Isn’t it funny. So much fuss about a few hackers. It is about time this happened.

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