Arrogance Brought to you by Senator Harry Reid

In a stunning start to the lame duck session of the US Senate, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid takes part of his opening remarks to congratulate the University of Nevada Football Team. Is this unprecedented? Certainly not, however, it shows the Senator’s arrogance and ignorance in a time when “time” is of the essence. Republicans are balking over the legislative agenda that Senator Reid has put forth include the tax cut extension, DADT, START treaty and the Dream Act.

The Republicans have already balked that there will not be enough time to do this all (and they are probably right given Senator Reid’s approach to leading by example).

Senator Reid’s arrogance is shown by deciding to put a decidedly politically patronizing message that plays to his constituents in front of the pressing nation’s business at a time when the clock is ticking down with less than a month to go with a entrenched Republican opposition.

Democrats voters often wonder why after having an unprecedented 2008 election sweeping in majorities of both houses and the presidency, they still could not get what they wanted. It is due in part to how their political leaders, well, lead.

I am not a Democrat. But, I have to believe that there are Democrats and Republicans who are just as infuriated about this as I am. Or maybe its just me.

What do you think?

— Glenn

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