Cowards and Frauds – Debt Commission Fails to Achieve 14 Votes

I don’t really mean that, but that’s how I feel.  The people on the commission should be applauded for a tough job.  They started a good dialogue.

But I am particularly disappointed since after seeing the statements these folks made when they handed in the final proposal, I saw a glimmer of hope that 14 would vote yes.  I am most disappointed in the weak Republican support.

Not getting 14 does not mean that something won’t be done.  This is still a good template.  But 14 votes would have sent a strong message to Congress.

I hope that the members of this commission continue this work.

Just a side note – President Obama continues to be evasive and out of touch relative to this discussion.  Immediately following his “shellacking” in the mid-terms – he decided to spend 2 weeks in India.

On the day called – “The Moment of Truth” by the members of the Presidents own debt commission – the day they voted on their report – the President is in Afghanistan.

Not that he shouldn’t be in Afghanistan, it just seems he is flailing and simply can’t figure out that America wants nothing to do with his agenda, and wants focus on their agenda – getting the fiscal house in order.

  • The Dream Act?
  • FDA Act?
  • DADT?


If he were to pivot to the center, toward the rest of America, he could accomplish one of the following no matter the outcome.

  1. Actually get something done about the deficit
  2. Claim he tried harder and was more serious than Republicans when Congress shows their lack of courage and does nothing.

There does not seem to be any downside for Obama to dive into this issue and drive it.  So why isn’t he?

Its like they all just don’t think their jobs have anything to do with us, and have everything to do with serving the special interest du jour.

What do you think?

Guest Blogger Jeff



One response to “Cowards and Frauds – Debt Commission Fails to Achieve 14 Votes

  1. Tellingly, the real cowardice comes in the form of the elected officials on the panel. I think the vote speaks volumes about how timid elected officials can be. I honestly believe in the goodwill of the American people, and if someone took a vote like this, or like health care reform if you’re a Democrat, and then proudly ran on it and helped explain it, people might say ‘i disagree with that vote, but i will vote for this person because he or she is a person of conviction that’s trying to do the right thing.’ I don’t think that works in every case, but I do think the Democrats would have been better off getting behind health care reform, and I do think the elected officials on the panel could have all taken the leap together. Profiles in political courage.

    Oh, but if we had politicians with courage, we wouldn’t need yet another commission in the first place.

    — Jeff K

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