America on the Precipice of Government Shutdown and Nobody Cares

Last night in the darkness, the Senate and the House overwhelmingly approved a continuing resolution (CR) to fund the government for a couple more days.  Until Tuesday to be exact.

Why did they do this?  Because if they had not, our federal government would have shut down at midnight tonight.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that. Because it’s not the lead on any news network or website.  I had to google it after looking for the past 2 days for a legitimate headline talking about the fact that Congress has had an entire year to pass a budget and still has not done so.

Hard core conservatives are railing against this new Omnibus Bill.  $1.1 Trillion, and over 6000 earmarked projects to boost the election prospects of the tired old souls who managed to stay in office through November’s carnage.

This continuing resolution for 3 days is a bad Omen from my perspective for several reasons.

  1. Validation of total incompetence
  2. It means that the Republicans who were saying “no way in he$$” to this bill 24 hours ago, might see a way to pass it.
  3. By not killing it, the conservatives are already beginning to sell out after cashing in on a Nov victory.
  4. By trying to get this done, it means the White House is completely ignoring the message they were sent this last election cycle.

What we can look forward to?  More compromise.  The type of compromise that gives Republicans and Democrats what they each want, and leaves us holding the bag and the bill for more rampant spending.

Tuesday is a world away in political terms, it’s going to be an interesting 72 hours.

Guest Blogger Jeff


2 responses to “America on the Precipice of Government Shutdown and Nobody Cares

  1. I think the thing that surprises me most is the about face of certain Senate Republicans. Take Sen. Cornyn, of Texas, and Sen. Thune, of South Dakota for example. According to the Times Union ( ,

    “For Mr. Cornyn, the spotlight still shines bright, albeit differently, after he sent out a massively distributed e-mail — we even received a copy — bashing the Democrats as the ones solely responsible for that proposed $8.1 billion spending binge. There he was at a news conference with Mr. Thune on Wednesday, asked point-blank by a reporter, Jonathan Karl of ABC, if, as simultaneously an outspoken foe of earmarks and a just-outted junkie for them, he had any credibility left.

    Oddly, Mr. Cornyn apparently thinks he does — simply by planning to vote against a bill he did yeoman’s work to make even worse.

    Mr. Thune, meantime, may well have even less credibility. He still defends the 43 projects and their price tag of more than $165 million that he stuck in what’s known as the omnibus spending bill. Oh, he also planned to vote against the bill. Too much pork, after all. It’s just that such projects as $25 million worth of construction at South Dakota’s various military installations are entirely legitimate.”

    However, there were some Senators who stood firm on principle. Sen. Jim DeMint, a Republican from South Carolina both opposed it and did not request a single earmark.

  2. Some element of hypocracy is a normal part of the huam condition, and often can be rationalized.

    Otherwise you are assuming self described conservatives are actually fiscally conservative. How many were around during the spending binge from 2003 to 2006 (after the 2001 recession)? How many are from southern or western states that receive 1.30 or more in federal spend for every tax dollar paid?

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