Episode 108 – Senate Dems Give Obama Holiday Gift, But Is It The Gift That Keeps On Giving?

In this, the last episode of 2010, Jeff and Glenn explain why the recent flurry of legislative activity represents a huge gift to President Obama, but why it won’t last very long. The honeymoon, come January when the new Congress convenes, is likely to be over. Congress and the President should take credit for the passing of the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, the 9-11 First Responders Health Bill, the START Treaty and the tax cut extensions, but Jeff explains to the extent anything got done in the Lame Duck Session, most of the credit is due to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He also argues that a majority leader should not hold that position during a re-election campaign, and cites as evidence Reid’s role in the Lame Duck, unencumbered by a campaign, in moving legislation forward. Democrats, with only a few days left in this session of Congress, are finally acting like the Majority Party. Jeff also explains that how, post-election, a few Republican Senators, like Scott Brown of Massachusetts or Olympia Snow of Maine, fearing their own re-election in 2012, are now moving away from the lock-step positions they were forced to hold previously.  In other words, this was a perfect legislative storm — one that we can hope will last, but with Republicans taking the House, it’s going to get harder for the Democrats, not easier. Glenn jokes about China’s role in our new era of debt-laden politics, and then seriously explains the role of the bond market in this process. He also wonders how businesses would function without a budget halfway through a fiscal year, as the government is doing since nobody can agree on a budget that was supposed to be passed months ago!

This episode does contain some technical audio glitches, due to the fact that we had to work around Skype being down for 2 days! We apologize and are throwing Skype under the bus.

Best Friends. Vast Experience. Engaging political discussion without the fighting…and with a few laughs. It’s PoliTalk, your weekly political podcast.

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