Obama, Aikido, and Gay Marriage

Aikido is an ancient martial art centered on using your opponent’s own power, anger, and momentum against them.  Obama’s play on DOMA and his announcement to not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act is a calculated and brilliant political move that has nothing to do with marriage or gay rights.

The Obama strategy team is sitting in war rooms playing out scenarios for the next 18 months.  The scenario they fear is independent voters support for the Republican fiscal and debt agenda, and they fear independents siding with Republican sentiment that unions have become too powerful.  Regardless of what you think about this proposition, this is what Obama’s strategists are modeling out.

The brilliant maneuver – bait the Republicans into a battle over gay marriage, then bait them into having to defend every social issue where independents typically side with Democrats.  Abortion, prayer in school, you get the picture.  And divert attention away from union issues.  Those will take care of themselves and unions will be re-energized for 2012 win or loose.

Lets get the crazies to come out to protest planned-parenthood (Beck is already all over it) and get Pat Robertson talking in public about how God should have sent the earthquake for San Francisco not Haiti!

Then just watch the Republicans self-destruct.

This feels very “Carvillian” to me – the guy is the man!  Will be surprised if Plouffe and Daley thought of this one.

Great political move – Kudos!

Guest Blogger Jeff


2 responses to “Obama, Aikido, and Gay Marriage

  1. Maureen Williams

    If this wasn’t so prescient, it would be funny. The Dems are playing the Repubs big time, while the country sinks deeper into debt, nothing gets done about employment, immigration, or entitlements. And there’s apparently no one strong enough or smart enough to step up and stop this WWE cage match of a political process.

  2. I’m honored. But I did have to google prescient.

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