Episode 116 – What the Huck! Huckabee, 2012 GOP Race and Wisconsin

What the heck is Huck doing? In his latest string of attacks, Huckabee has gone so far to the right, digging up untrue and misleading claims against President Obama. Is this the path to the Republican nomination? Is there any moderation left in the Republican party anymore? Are any potential Republican nominees talking about jobs? By this time in the 2008 cycle, Obama and Clinton had already announced their runs for the presidency, hired staff, tested messages and raised significant amounts of money. Where are the Republicans? By the time they get in, will they be too late and too far to the right? And on matters of foreign policy, just how do you spell Gadaffi’s name? Is it with a G, Q or K? And if you’re a dictator, why give yourself the rank of Colonel? Why not General or King? From the surreal to the serious, it’s PoliTalk, your weekly political podcast.

Best Friends. Vast Experience. Engaging political discussion without the fighting…and with a few laughs. It’s PoliTalk, your weekly political podcast.

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