The Bloomberg Factor

As I sat obsessed over the recent battle to avoid a government shutdown – embarrassed about the fact that the Republicans are doing the right thing by sticking to their guns on the numbers, but the wrong thing by trying to stick the policy riders in the mix – I noticed something funny on New York TV that I had not thought about until this moment.

Mike Bloomberg is running an ad campaign on “Independent Leadership”.

Why would someone not eligible to run for Mayor again start running TV ads branding his record and independence?

Is he just that flush with cash that he wants to make sure his image is intact in his last couple years as mayor?

Or is he laying the groundwork for an independent bid for President?

Have these ads been timed to coincide at the same moment that Americans become completely disgusted with the status quo in Washington.


Guest Blogger Jeff


One response to “The Bloomberg Factor

  1. The general explanation for his recent publicity blitz is that Mayor Bloomberg’s trying to offset advertising spending by Unions to prevent them from defining the conversation on budget cuts. Unions spent millions in New Jersey, and it was a distraction for Governor Christie.

    I do expect a presidential bid to be on his mind. I’m kind of surprised the possibility hasn’t been mentioned more often, as Bloomberg is wealthier than Ross Perot and more qualified than John Anderson (who polled at 25% in early 1980.) If Obama’s unpopular enough and Republicans nominate a candidate Bloomberg can run against (a list that includes Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty, Michelle Bachmann, Haley Barbour, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump), he might have an opening. The mood is ripe for an Independent candidate, especially with the current polling on the newly elected Republicans, which isn’t much higher than the polling for the recently departed Democrats.

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