Episode 120 – Budget Charade, Health Care Fixes and Presidential Politics

Jeff starts the show by talking about Donald Trump and the “birther” issue. He then explains why the recent “budget” passed by Congress was a total charade, and why they should not be fighting about the debt limit, but should actually be fighting about the budget going forward. Jeff then talks about the Senate race nobody is talking about — Virginia — and from there goes into a discussion on the Presidential campaign and why Mitt Romney is in trouble before he starts. At the 10:00 mark, Jeff welcomes Ty from Monroe, Georgia, a long-time listener and a voice of most people in America — neither Republican or Democrat, but concerned about matters of politics and policy. The thoughtful discussion ranges from the talk about the budget and the debt ceiling to fixing the health care law and handicapping the Presidential race. Ty encourages us to repeal the health care law and engage in a genuine process to fix the system. Jeff and Ty, coming form different political perspectives, come to agreement on how to deal with social security. They close the show by talking about the Presidential campaign, why Romney is in trouble and why we should be keeping an eye on Herman Cain. Always engaging and informative, it’s PoliTalk, your weekly political podcast.

Best Friends. Vast Experience. Engaging political discussion without the fighting…and with a few laughs. It’s PoliTalk, your weekly political podcast.

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2 responses to “Episode 120 – Budget Charade, Health Care Fixes and Presidential Politics

  1. Great show; great idea to have a listener on. Ty sounds like he could have another career in radio.

    As for a constitutional convention – I don’t think there has been one in a long time because anything could go. Imagine if different amendments were repealed, or there were amendments altering original amendments (say 2nds on guns, or the 1st amendment on separating church and state, or 14th for those who feel the due process clause has been expanded way out of original intent, etc.).

    What are the chances the Obamacare plan gets altered by 2014 (say a delay in implementation of certain provisions)?

  2. Well you are right on the Constitutional Convention as a anything goes. What if you had 25 states calling for one with a list or what they wanted to change up front. Would congress at that point get their act straight and start passing and repealing? I just wounder can the states just look at the major problems that we face and only tackle them head on with out the help of congress, and this would be like the states giving the middle finger to the Federal Government.
    Just think if one was held today just on the repeal of the health care law what would the Obama Administration do and say?
    You can see that members of congress has already started trying to come up with ways on delaying the Health care law. like trying to stop funding parts of it in the budget or limiting how much money goes where.
    Last thank you for the kind words I wish I could get into radio….lol…I might sound too country.

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