Episode 121 – Gas Prices Go Up, Poll Numbers Go Down

We all know there’s fallout from the rise in gas prices, but in this episode Jeff and Glenn go beyond the rising numbers to talk about the larger political themes, from gas prices to big banks to big business, and look at the specific issues driving the politics and policies around gas prices. Leaving the gas behind, they also talk about the 2012 presidential primary process. Glenn explains why so many on the Republican side are waiting to get in, while Jeff chides them for waiting too long, and costing themselves a chance at a presidency that is within their grasp. Jeff explains how the electoral math has shifted for President Obama, leaving him vulnerable in key states and promising a close race…a race many Republicans seem reluctant to wage. Glenn closes the show with a passionate explanation about why the Royal Wedding, and specifically the British Monarchy it represents, shouldn’t be the object of such media saturation here in the United States. Note to self: Glenn won’t be invited to many Royal cocktail parties in the future. Always engaging and informative, it’s PoliTalk, your weekly political podcast, co-hosted by Glenn Gaudet and Jeff Kimball.

Best Friends. Vast Experience. Engaging political discussion without the fighting…and with a few laughs. It’s PoliTalk, your weekly political podcast.

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Of you can play right the show here by clicking on the play button below:


One response to “Episode 121 – Gas Prices Go Up, Poll Numbers Go Down

  1. Maureen Williams

    Looks like someone at the White House is listening to Politalk:

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