Episode 123 – GOP 2012 Romney’s to Lose, Bachmann’s to Win?

Who is going to challenge Mitt Romney for the 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination? Will it come from the evangelical right, as conventional wisdom dictates, or with everyone so far to the right, will the challenge come from the left, through Huntsman? Are Pawlenty and the others positioned properly? Is there a hidden anti-Mormon vote that will sink Romney and Huntsman? Do the Republicans want to beat Obama so badly that they’ll hold their nose and vote for anyone they think will win, including the chameleoon-like Romney? Does Ron Paul have a shot, and why does he keep winning straw polls? All these questions are dealt with in the show, plus the issue of remaining in Afghanistan and Pakistan, whether or not we should be declaring war on Libya, and what is it about the new Green Lantern movie that sends chills down our hosts spines? Always irreverent and informative, it’s PoliTalk. Best Friends. Vast Experience. Engaging political discussion…without the fighting!

Best Friends. Vast Experience. Engaging political discussion without the fighting…and with a few laughs. It’s PoliTalk, your weekly political podcast.

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3 responses to “Episode 123 – GOP 2012 Romney’s to Lose, Bachmann’s to Win?

  1. Michael Dunne

    Nice balance between domestic and foreign affairs. Some thoughts – This is a bit of a long entry. First on the domestic front:

    I was wondering if Perry would present a liability, either in the primaries or general election based on:
    – Huge deficits in his own state (that may at a minimum prove a distraction to him)
    – The references to secession
    – Being another governor from Texas

    I suspect the second and third points will help with southern primaries, but then again, if you believe wikipedia, he was a Democrat back in 1988 that supported Al Gore.

    Otherwise, for the general election, seems the above could prove big liabilities even if he was VP, as well as if the possible error in executing a person comes back to haunt him. Also I think the appetite for pandering to a conservative, evangelical segment is starting to go down amongst the general electorate.

    (will go to the foreign/military stuff next)

  2. Michael Dunne

    As for Afghanistan, well we did to the little-recognized government there at the time (the Taleban) what Austria-Hungary wanted to do to Serbia back in 1914. It seems pretty clear they were culpable for Al Qaeda’s activities, like leaving 3,000 people dead in the US.

    In many ways, we owe it to the Afghans, but unfortunately we ignored the war for so many years. Probably we should play to their comparative advantage, and buy all that opium and weed off the market, and sell at cost to life sciences industries around the world.

    Otherwise, part of our quandary is that the guerrilla wins by just surviving, and considering how the Taleban was the creature of Pakistan, they have done just fine making a come back over the years.

    By the Pakistan military has always been testy with us since they lost Bangladesh in 1971 – Went after getting the A-bomb, worked at some internal Islamization, cultivated extremists assets, etc.

    I am with McCain and think we should stick it out in Afghanistan, or not begin to withdraw yet.I do think we should completely get out of Iraq, including taking our large embassy with us. As for that being a war for oil, I think more the case of protecting our allies’ oil. Anyone thought we could get Iraq’s would have been deluded since we worked with the Shah in using the Kurds in the mid 1970s to intimidate Saddam (with threatening the long pipelines).

    As for military spending, does the US figure include the costs of the two wars? I believe 2009 was a Bush budget, and that the war costs would be off budget.

    Now Bill Maher made the claim that Obama put the two wars back on budget – Is that true? If so, would that type of accounting make the deficits larger than the official stats pushed over the past decade?

    As an aside, China may be sandbagging its military figures.

    Personally I think we could get rid of a number of weapon systems (like the Osprey, the littoral combat ship, ), cut back on a number of bases and deployments abroad (like in Europe, but maybe also Okinawa), cut back on a number of bases domestically, and I think we could take a hard look at contractors (that may be very interesting) and staffing levels. We should also downgrade our participation in Libya to a logistical/intelligence role (and yes, I think it comes under the War Powers act – funny to see those typically against that act now leading proponents).

  3. Well I believe we are about to the fall of two top runniers on the GOP side. I do see Herman going to the top each time he talks like I said before Herman will be the Dark Horse that will have everyone talking.

    As for Pres. Obama he has sealed his run if people do not get their checks. I can see the Army one getting flip…lol

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