Budget Control Act of 2011

It’s hard to not be cynical on this plan. Instead of putting my spin on this plan, it is now your turn. We have great thinkers who read this blog. Let’s here from you. Here is the .pdf legislative language (all 74 pages). Have a read, tell us who is the big loser politically is and give us your comments.


6 responses to “Budget Control Act of 2011

  1. Probably like many of our legislatures, only had time to browse the document. To be honest, didn’t have time and couldn’t really digest it (the alpha numeric characters seem to exert a negative force on my reading comprehension skills).

    I voted everyone, but really I would say the American people and the economy. Horrible way to go about making a deal, and it seems like this one is pretty unbalanced.

    Hopefully they will revisit the ideas of that commission and the gang of six (don’t agree with all the ideas, but could prove a good start to look sane).

  2. I hope the gang of 6 is not part of the commission. I did not like what they had to offer. What congress voted for was smoke and a trick of hand.

  3. Ty,

    Is the Gang of 6 still around? Didn’t know if the disintegrated or not.

    What did you find objectionable, just out of curiousity?

    Otherwise, what did you think of Simpson-Bowles?

  4. What I saw out of the gang of 6 nobodies where a bunch of people dodging cuts that’s needed to happen. No one in DC came out for real solutions with this debt proplem. I saw people trying Suxbe is from my state and has a lot to answer for when it comes to his re-election. Everyone has or will blame the tea party people for the downgrade of our credit rating. Well DC needs to look at them selfs and what part they played in this.

  5. We all lose. The supercommittee should be unconstitutional. We have been having problems with politicians being bought for years now. With this supercommittee all the banks have to do is buy 7 congressman. I foresee massive austerity, negative GDP, and a sell off of public assets to the banks who don’t deserve them. When will people realize that the banks have screwed us all in the name of profit and it is only their downfall that will release us from this vicious cycle?

  6. Dan I can see the same thing. I just wounder how many more congressmembers will retire now before the 2012 elections

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