Reflections on Election Day 2011 in NYC

Election day in NYC normally means hordes of people filing in to PS-XYZ  to take part in the machine of Democracy before they scurry off to work.  Every coffee shop near the polling place is normally packed with people grabbing a quick dose of caffeine before waiting in line or heading off to the train.  Supporters of each candidate strategically place themselves handing out leaflets within inches of the designated imaginary barrier they cannot cross.

Today – ghost town.

At 9:15 when I walked into the public school my daughter attends to cast my vote, I walked up to the table to register.  I was voter #5 for my district.  Polls had been open since 6AM.  When I took my fancy new ballot to the scanner – I noticed the counter on the scanner as it electronically recorded my vote.

#19 – only 19 people had voted so far that day.

OK – so all NYC was voting on was judges and justices for the supreme court.  These are only people who actually do stuff every day, make decisions, and interpret laws.  Its not like they were legislators.

Kind of sad for me.  Now I know things will be different next year with the President, Congress, and Senate up for grabs again, but you would think that folks would care about the elected officials who wake up every day in their home towns, go to work, and make decisions that directly impact their communities.

We’ve become so disenfranchised with government that many don’t care anymore.  We send our best to fight and die for others to get the right to vote, then don’t bother showing up for our own.

Our democracy has become a direct reflection of our lack of faith in the system. Will we ever realize that we are getting exactly the system we deserve.

Here’s to both the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street – may we take back Democracy.

Guest Blogger Jeff


One response to “Reflections on Election Day 2011 in NYC

  1. Update – so few people are voting, PTA bake sale had to move outside to the sidewalk or be a total bust!!!!!

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