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Founding Hosts:

Glenn Gaudet, Co-host of PoliTalk

Glenn Gaudet, Co-host of PoliTalk

Glenn Gaudet is a Blogger, Speaker, Podcaster, Entrepreneur, Snowboarder and Social Media Evangelist who has spent 20 years in media & technology.  He has a passion for cooking, good wine and politics. Politically, Glenn is the more fiscally conservative of the two PoliTalk hosts. As both an observer and participant in politics, Glenn has been involved as a Massachusetts State Republican Convention delegate and has worked for the Republican Party at the Republican National Convention.  Glenn is a regular speaker at media oriented events on how to deliver both content and message. Glenn, who has an engaging extemporaneous and witty style has appeared on numerous shows and spoken at many events. He lives and works in the Boston area. Glenn has his Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Babson College and did graduate studies in Information and Telecommunication Systems at Johns Hopkins University. A lifelong learner, Glenn studied Spanish in Guatemala, is a graduate of the Improv Asylum and is usually immersing himself in political happenings. He and Jeff have been best friends (and have been debating politics together) since their days of pledging a fraternity together at Babson College.

Jeff Kimball, Co-Host

Jeff Kimball, Co-Host

Jeff Kimball has spent over 20 years in political communications and marketing working on every level – from local races to presidential races, spending nearly 9 years in the US Senate working for Sen. Jay Rockefeller, now Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. George Mitchell. Throughout his career, Jeff has had the good fortune of working with people who push the communications envelope, and he learned a lot from those experiences. Jeff’s boss (and hero) Lane Bailey quickly understood the power of grassroots communications, working with Jeff to orchestrate a network to drive an agenda on talk radio that once resulted in a talk show host begging on-air for a truce and the calls to stop.  Jeff, who has a wicked quick irreverent wit and a style that connects naturally with people, has done extensive work on radio and television. Jeff is PoliTalk’s political progressive with irreverent streaks. His populist passion bends towards being a champion of the disenfranchised and those often forgotten in the halls of power or in the loopholes of public policy.  He has a passion for public policy, specifically health care reform and economic development.  A number of years ago, Jeff left Washington to move back home to start a family. Abstract policy became real life experiences when his wife was diagnosed with cancer. He abandoned his career to care for his terminally ill wife and raise two young children.  In addition to his wife, who passed away in 2004, Jeff lost three other members of his family to cancer over the course of four years. His extraordinary personal experiences combined with his political background give him a keen understanding of how politics and policy affect real people.  Though Jeff left Washington, he maintains close connections senior leaders in the Capitol. Jeff resides in suburban Connecticut, less than an hour’s drive from midtown Manhattan. A writer, he is working on the authorized biography of James Tillman, who was wrongfully convicted, spent 18 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and was the first person in Connecticut history released using DNA evidence. Jeff received his Master’s Degree in Rhetorical Theory and Political Communication (dual major) from Emerson College. Jeff is also a talented actor who earned the leading role in a feature film, American Jubilee (due out in Summer 2011). Jeff is a natural born actor and one of the funniest people you will ever meet. Not Robin Williams Ha-Ha funny, but witty, get-in-your-car-drive-home-think-about-it-for-ten-minutes-holy-crap-did-he-really-say-that-funny. Ironically, he’s the guy who mostly sounds serious on the show. His heroes are his grandfather, his mother, Joe Patti the night security guard who worked for his parents for 20 years, the chemo nurses who took care of his wife, Harry Bell the custodian who cleaned the Housing Projects where he played as a child and anyone who has to clean up elephant dung for a living. The only thing that could be worse than that is having to give an elephant a colonoscopy.


Jeff Hine is a political news junky and a hobbyist blogger based in Brooklyn, NY.  He affectionately refers to himself as a “Grateful Dead Republican”, and is one of those liberal GOP’ers who make Rush Limbaugh cringe.  Jeff has worked in the exciting arena of data storage and protection in the high technology field for more than 20 years.  Honing his skills for telling stories through selling technology and technology consulting, Jeff became a published author for the first time in 2002 writing a series of articles on the data storage business for CRN magazine. Jeff brings the perspective of the average guy, watching politicians fritter away both our money and patience.  He will forever regret choosing to go to Babson College and major in business, instead of going to a big liberal arts party school and majoring in political science.  He blames this on one too many viewings of the movie “Wall Street” in his formative years. Jeff prides himself as bringing a conservative perspective to Politalk, tempered with Libertarian flavor, and a burning desire to upend the status quo in Washington and help people “Wake-Up!” to the realities of how irresponsible our elected representatives have become.


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    You guys are great! Good Luck to both of you!

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