Jeff Kimball and Glenn Gaudet are two life-long pals with vast political experience and a keen sense of observation who offer up an irreverent, honest view of politics and policy in PoliTalk. Think of this podcast as the “Car Talk” of politics. The show most closely represents what happens when two friends sit at a bar and talk about politics, and therefore life.

Glenn and Jeff are available either as a duo or individually for press interviews and/or to take part in other broadcast show panels, discussions and debates as political pundits.

Jeff takes a more liberal view of politics, with a sense of humor and a solid understanding of insider politics gained from his years of working on the Hill. Here are some sample clips:

Glenn takes a passionate and more fiscally conservative view of politics with an eye toward economic versus social drivers. Here are a few clips:

Unlike most other political programming, Glenn and Jeff have a great chemistry together built on years of friendship which shows both in their political discussions and even friendly jabs and self-deprecation. Here are a couple of samples of their chemistry: