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Episode 81 – Pennsylvania Politics, Rand Paul and Why Wall Street Won’t Be Reformed

What really happened in Pennsylvania, where incumbent Sen. Arlen Specter was defeated by Congressman Joe Sestak (as predicted on this show a YEAR ago) and where a conservative Democrat won a seat to Congress? Is Kentucky Republican Senatorial candidate Rand Paul crazy like a fox, or just crazy? With control of the Senate in the balance, we discuss Conn. Attorney General Richard Blumethal’s recent gaffes and why they might not cost Democrats the seat, or control of the Senate, but other issues in this race will. Finally, the Senate and House have now passed “sweeping” financial reform. Great. We’ll tell you why nothing can be called reform until 2 things are done.

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Specter the Defector Part 2

A little over a year ago, Jeff & I called Senator Arlen Specter defection to the Democrats “political expediency and shameless acts of self-preservation”.  Well, it looks like we planted a seed that Specter’s opponent in the primary, Joe Sestak, has watered and put into full bloom with his latest campaign ad.


Episode 39 – GM, Lies and Audiotape


Glenn, who has been calling for GM to go into bankruptcy since December 2008, and Jeff de-bunk the spin surrounding GM’s bankruptcy during Episode 39. They explain what this really means for consumers, why you shouldn’t be worried about buying a GM car, and why you should be worried now that the federal government owns 60% of the “new” GM.  Even as a progressive Democrat, Jeff worries about the federal government over-reaching in trying to protect GM, and wonders if thee company is too big to fail. Listen as the wheels come off Illinois Sen. Burris’ lame defense of his indefensible claims under oath regarding his appointment to President Obama’s Senate Seat. Glenn and Jeff peel back the ugly truth behind fundraising and lobbying, and offer a new context to understand the Burris situation. Ending with passion, they both enthusiastically endorse Congressman Sestak’s bid for the Democratic Senate nomination in Pennsylvania, taking on flip-flopping Sen. Arlen Specter. They probe Pennsylvania Gov. Rendell’s harsh comments towards Sestak made on MSNBC’s Ed Shultz Show in which he boasted that Sestak would get “killed” in a primary and would end up in political oblivion for challenging Specter, and that he best just keep his Congressional seat. Jeff reminds listeners that President Obama was in the same exact situation when he took on then Sen. Hillary Clinton, and wonders why Senate Democrats and the people of Pennsylvania wouldn’t want a member of the Democratic caucus who is loyal and dependable, unlike Specter. So much intrigue to read through, so many lies and distortions to unfold. It’s another great episode of PoliTalk — always informative and entertaining — it’s your weekly political podcast.

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Episode 36 – Cheney and Healthcare – What is the Cure?


Health care takes center stage this episode with Glenn and Jeff calling Sen. Specter’s “Cures Acceleration Network (CAN) Act Turning Research into Cures” the most disingenuous political fundraising solicitation they have ever seen. They then take to task the healthcare executives who met with President Obama yesterday about healthcare reform — some of the very same executives who spent $20 million in the 1990s to kill health care reform. These executives offered to save $2 trillion over 10 years as a way of showing that we don’t need health care reform. The savings would come from, “administrative simplification,” and would be offered up voluntarily — not through the enforcement of regulation.  They wonder why these savings couldn’t be found during the Bush Administration when health care reform was not a priority, and what “administrative simplification” really means –cuts in benefits? Cuts in their own compensation? Finally, they take on Dick Cheney for taking on Colin Powell. They wonder if the Republican Party has room for someone like Colin Powell and former Congressman Christopher Shays?  Or is Dick Cheney the future of the Republican Party?  Always entertaining and informative: it’s politics and policy brought to Main Street by two experts in Washington and Wall Street. It’s PoliTalk — your Weekly Political Podcast.

Listen to the current installment of PoliTalk and get yourself informed, inspired, entertained and ready for the day… spread the word… tell two friends, and so on and so on…

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Specter To Cure All

picture being used on specterforthecure.com

Former Republican and now Democratic Senator Arlen Specter wants you to donate to his re-election campaign in 2010 because as his website Specterforthecure.com states,

Without Arlen Specter back in the Senate to see it through, Specter for the Cure could be lost to the ordinary politics of Washington that kills real change.

You see, according to this website, the only way to insure that this legislation, gets passed and actually works as outlined is if Specter keeps his Senate seat. Notwithstanding the arrogance of this charge, it is pretty clear that this website takes a bill that has not been passed and makes it the theme to re-elect Specter.

The proposed bill starts off by saying:

To establish an independent Cures Acceleration Network agency, to sponsor promising translational research to bridge the gap between laboratory discoveries and lifesaving therapies, to reauthorize the National Institutes of Health, and for other purposes.

Read the bill. Specter is proposing yet another government agency. That is how we will find cures? He proposes to re-authorize the NIH? As if it was going to be shut down? Please… given that the Specter campaign is already using this to raise money, one has to question the motives.

Yet another reason why, in my humble opinion, Arlen Specter should lose his Senate seat. -Glenn

Episode 35 – Specter the Defector, Souter the Straight-Shooter


An amazing contrast in substance and style: Republican-turned-Democrat Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and Retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter. In this episode, Glenn explains why he’s upset with Specter’s switch, proving Specter’s political expediency and shameless acts of self-preservation. Jeff wonders why Specter didn’t become an Independent until the election, and then run as a Democrat. If he was elected as a Republican, he should complete his term as a Republican. Souter, on the other hand, offers an example of how to leave an office with dignity and respect. Jeff, who worked for Sen. Biden during the Souter nomination hearing, offers his unique personal insights on Justice Souter and the nomination process. Showing that they don’t lack substance of their own, the PoliTalk boys tackle an intense discussion of the Government of Pakistan’s role in the resurgence of the Taliban inside its borders. Always informative and entertaining, its PoliTalk: your weekly political podcast. Always informative and entertaining. It’s inside the beltway politics for the masses, it’s the beltway brought to Main Street talked about by two business and political pros. It’s PoliTalk.

Listen to the current installment of PoliTalk and get yourself informed, inspired, entertained and ready for the day… spread the word… tell two friends, and so on and so on…

You can get the PoliTalk Podcast from Podcast.com and iTunes.

Why Arlen Specter Should Lose His Senate Seat

Last week, Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania announced that he was switching parties. Why do you ask? Well, it was not based on fundamental disagreements with policy. By his own admission, he was concerned that he could not win his party’s primary. Case in point, here is some of what was said on last Sunday’s Meet the Press.

David Gregory:

All right, let me ask you about this switch from the Republican to the Democratic Party.  Back in April of this year on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” you said this:  “So I’m trying to bring back those voters to the Republican Party.  We need balance and I’m trying to get people to register Republican. We need a second party.  Look here, our country is built on checks and balances.  The only check and balance in America today are the 41 Republican Senators who can talk and filibuster, otherwise, the White House, the House of Representatives will be a steamroller.” Well, Senator, you’ve now decided to join that steamroller.  What changed?

Arlen Specter:

Well, well, since that time I undertook a very thorough survey of Republicans in Pennsylvania with polling and a lot of personal contacts, and it became apparent to me that my chances to be elected on the Republican ticket were, were bleak.  And I’m simply not going to subject my 29-year record in the United States Senate to that Republican primary electorate. I’m not going to do that.

Excuse me Senator Specter? You do not want to subject your 29-year record to the Republicans of your state that have allowed you to be there for 29 years? Shame on you! You are now the poster child for term limits and political self-survival of the most selfish kind. I’d have a much easier time understanding your switching parties based on clear differences in political philosophies. However, you freely admit that your motivation is to stay in the Senate.

Democrats in your state should make note that you clearly represent your own self interests before any that you may commit to voters or a party. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that you have the right to do what you did. But, I believe that the voters from either party will have great reason not to trust you. At least have the courtesy to leave the party and declare yourself an independent as Sens Jeffords and Liberman did. However, your political calculus has you attempting to remove the competition from a serious primary fight by declaring now.

The Republican primary voters would be well served by rallying behind former Governor and moderate Republican Tom Ridge to run in the general election. They will not only gain the Senate seat back, but they will also breath some life back into the party as a mainstream party.