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Sadly, This is Why We Exist…

The following words speak for themselves. So that you can understand my bias, I am a so-called Progressive, and I don’t enjoy Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson.  Two of my closest friends are conservative Republicans — one worked for Cheney, the other Dole. I believe with every fiber of my being in the power of ideas, an no one person or party has a monopoly on the best ones.  Let us present our ideas, have a constructive, respectful argument, and let the best ideas win. The reason I’m close to my friends is because we’re people first — albeit our love of politics and policy is an important part of us — but there is so much more that I like about my Republican friends than their misguided politics! (and vice versa I’m sure). The sewer of hate that follows literally made me feel sick, especially in light of the unyielding pain and suffering that is going on now in Haiti. Glenn and I do our show, in the vein of The Great Guys from Car Talk, because we believe there’s a way for all of us to become more informed and engaged while also having a good laugh — at ourselves, and pretty much everyone else. I’d like nothing more than for political discussion to evolve so much that it puts me out of business. I look forward to that day. Until then, right now, Rush Limbaugh should be fired.  — Jeff Kimball

Rush Limbaugh on Haiti Earthquake

Pat Robertson on Haiti’s Deal with the Devil



Episode 38 – It’s the Economy, Stupid!


Can two political podcasters do the work of an entire nation? Reviving one of the most famous political catch phrases of the last 50 years, Jeff and Glenn do their best to re-focus the political discourse of the entire country. With all the talk of torture, closing or not closing Gitmo, Colin Powell taking on Cheney taking on Obama taking on Cheney (which we talk about in this show), we have completely lost focus on the single most important thing the President and his team SHOULD be doing right now: dealing with once-in-a-lifetime systemic changes needed in our economy. Yes, we passed the stimulus. Now weâre in the weeds on a budget, and it looks like health care reform may be on the horizon. All well and good, but it’s time to take a step back:

  • What got us into this problem in the first place?
  • How are we going to systemically fix it?
  • Was the repeal of Glass Stegal, which allowed financial institutions to get into any financial business, a mistake?
  • Good old boring banks went from being banks to insurance companies and hedge funds.
  • Should we put some regulations on the derivatives industry, which grew from a $1 trillion market in 1999 to $33 trillion today?
  • Most important, we as a country have been living beyond our means since, ironically, the days of Ronald Reagan.

We are now an over leveraged society that consumes more than it produces and borrows more than it has the ability to repay and spend. We want a more effective, responsive, efficient, smaller (and Jeff would like a more liberal) government. With the economy rebounding and President Obama focused on other things, we’re losing our chance to make the changes needed to fix the economy going forward. While the rest of the media in this country has fallen asleep, or been sidetracked by entertainers like Rush Limbaugh or issues like closing Gitmo, we’re here to tell you that your moment awaits, President Obama. But that moment won’t last forever, and it will never be found if you continue to argue with Dick Cheney, or if we’re mired in discussion about torture photographs and wiretaps.  James Carville’s words echo across time, like ripples that crest into rhythmic waves, repeating the mantra again, and again and again: it’s the economy stupid…

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FBI Interrogator who Questioned al-Quida, Questions Torture Methods

We at PoliTalk always strive to expose our biases and understand information for what it is. As a part of your discovery of how we as a nation should be getting information out of detainees, consider the views of Ali Soufan, a former FBI interrogator who questioned members of al-Quida.

In his sworn testimony today, he said his non-threatening interrogation yielded critical information which, it appears, did prevent other attacks. When CIA contractors came in and forced him out and began using new so-called enhanced interrogation techniques, the information flow stopped. Read more about Soufan’s testimony here.

It’s sad when those like Soufan, literally on the front lines, are pushed aside by a overly-aggressive administration and not allowed to do their job as they see fit. Wait, what’s that? No comment from Dick Cheney on this story today? Well, Mr. Vice President, you’ve been out there every other day. Why don’t you go after Mr. Soufan the way you’ve gone after President Obama? You can’t because there’s one small, tiny, little itty bitty thing in your way: the truth.

Episode 36 – Cheney and Healthcare – What is the Cure?


Health care takes center stage this episode with Glenn and Jeff calling Sen. Specter’s “Cures Acceleration Network (CAN) Act Turning Research into Cures” the most disingenuous political fundraising solicitation they have ever seen. They then take to task the healthcare executives who met with President Obama yesterday about healthcare reform — some of the very same executives who spent $20 million in the 1990s to kill health care reform. These executives offered to save $2 trillion over 10 years as a way of showing that we don’t need health care reform. The savings would come from, “administrative simplification,” and would be offered up voluntarily — not through the enforcement of regulation.  They wonder why these savings couldn’t be found during the Bush Administration when health care reform was not a priority, and what “administrative simplification” really means –cuts in benefits? Cuts in their own compensation? Finally, they take on Dick Cheney for taking on Colin Powell. They wonder if the Republican Party has room for someone like Colin Powell and former Congressman Christopher Shays?  Or is Dick Cheney the future of the Republican Party?  Always entertaining and informative: it’s politics and policy brought to Main Street by two experts in Washington and Wall Street. It’s PoliTalk — your Weekly Political Podcast.

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Cheney Takes Limbaugh Over Powell

There use to be a time where top political officials took the “elder statesman” approach to interviews. Not so with former VP Dick Cheney. There are few subtlties in his interviews when it comes to allegiances. When asked about the statements Rush Limbaugh made regarding former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and Secretary of State Colin Powell, Cheney did not mince words.

Episode 29 – PoliTalk vs. AIG & Big Media


Is there anyone Glenn and Jeff don’t take on in what might be the most spirited episode of PoliTalk. The boys of PoliTalk dig deeper than the alluring media headlines about the AIG bonus, explaining exactly what happened, and the systemic issues that need to be addressed to avoid another AIG type problem. Then they turn their fire on some in the media, who have failed to live up to the high journalistic standards set by… Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart (yes, that’s right). They ask the interesting question of how Dick Cheney’s recent interview would go had Jon Stewart conducted the interview, and wonder why there isn’t more true investigative reporting anymore?  It’s refreshingly honest, informative and always entertaining. It’s PoliTalk — your weekly source for political news and current events.

Listen to the current installment of PoliTalk and get yourself informed, inspired, entertained and ready for the day… spread the word… tell two friends, and so on and so on…

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