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Episode 38 – It’s the Economy, Stupid!


Can two political podcasters do the work of an entire nation? Reviving one of the most famous political catch phrases of the last 50 years, Jeff and Glenn do their best to re-focus the political discourse of the entire country. With all the talk of torture, closing or not closing Gitmo, Colin Powell taking on Cheney taking on Obama taking on Cheney (which we talk about in this show), we have completely lost focus on the single most important thing the President and his team SHOULD be doing right now: dealing with once-in-a-lifetime systemic changes needed in our economy. Yes, we passed the stimulus. Now weâre in the weeds on a budget, and it looks like health care reform may be on the horizon. All well and good, but it’s time to take a step back:

  • What got us into this problem in the first place?
  • How are we going to systemically fix it?
  • Was the repeal of Glass Stegal, which allowed financial institutions to get into any financial business, a mistake?
  • Good old boring banks went from being banks to insurance companies and hedge funds.
  • Should we put some regulations on the derivatives industry, which grew from a $1 trillion market in 1999 to $33 trillion today?
  • Most important, we as a country have been living beyond our means since, ironically, the days of Ronald Reagan.

We are now an over leveraged society that consumes more than it produces and borrows more than it has the ability to repay and spend. We want a more effective, responsive, efficient, smaller (and Jeff would like a more liberal) government. With the economy rebounding and President Obama focused on other things, we’re losing our chance to make the changes needed to fix the economy going forward. While the rest of the media in this country has fallen asleep, or been sidetracked by entertainers like Rush Limbaugh or issues like closing Gitmo, we’re here to tell you that your moment awaits, President Obama. But that moment won’t last forever, and it will never be found if you continue to argue with Dick Cheney, or if we’re mired in discussion about torture photographs and wiretaps.  James Carville’s words echo across time, like ripples that crest into rhythmic waves, repeating the mantra again, and again and again: it’s the economy stupid…

Listen to the current installment of PoliTalk and get yourself informed, inspired, entertained and ready for the day… spread the word… tell two friends, and so on and so on…

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Colin Powell Responds to Dick Cheney on Face The Nation

The Republican Party needs more members like Colin Powell.

Cheney Takes Limbaugh Over Powell

There use to be a time where top political officials took the “elder statesman” approach to interviews. Not so with former VP Dick Cheney. There are few subtlties in his interviews when it comes to allegiances. When asked about the statements Rush Limbaugh made regarding former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and Secretary of State Colin Powell, Cheney did not mince words.

The new Bush “White House”

George Bush brings all new meaning to the word “White House.”  Pres. Bush got himself new digs in an upscale Dallas suburb called Preston Hollow. Just 8 years ago — not 20, not 40, not 60, not in the throes of the civil rights movement or segregation, no, just 8 years ago, someone like Colin Powell or Secretary of State Rice couldn’t couldn’t move next door to the President. Why? Not because they couldn’t afford it — although most of us in the midst of this financial crisis can’t (thank you very much, Mr. President). No, it’s because of the following legal covenant, the text of which can be found by clicking here:  meaders_estates_covenant1. In case reading the whole thing makes you vomit, here is Section 11 of the covenant: “Said property shall be used and occupied by white persons only except these covenants shall not prevent occupancy by domestic servants of different race or nationality in the employ of a tenant.”

Hopelessly out of touch. That’s the real Bush legacy.

P.S. Congrats on finally saying the “R” word. It’s so refreshing to finally hear you say that we’re in a recession instead of the usual political double-speak that goes something like this: ‘well, the economy is growing at a more moderate pace than we would have hoped which is leaving a lot of people in the uncomfortable position of having to re-double their efforts to find that true can-do American spirit that will lift us out of these hard economic times.’

Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

This morning on NBC’s Meet the Press, former Secretary of State under George W. Bush and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, endorsed Senator Barack Obama for President. In his endorsement, Powell voiced his concerns with both John McCain and the Republican Party.

Jack Cafferty on Sarah Palin

This is truly one of the scariest things I have EVER heard a  politician say, only because it shows she knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING  about policy. She answered a question about the bailout by talking
about health care and trade. Also, listen to Cafferty RIP into her. — Jeff

Could it be possible that I am dreaming all of this? We are dealing with the largest financial crisis in human history and John McCain gives the VP nod to someone who is this clueless on the issues. I’m going back to bed! Maybe, and just maybe, I will wake up to find Colin Powell as McCain’s running mate. — Glenn