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The Mis-Informant – with Jack Black as Nathan Spewman Parts 1 and 2

Whatever your politics, it is hard to not laugh with Jack Black in action!


It’s a good sign when any of us can take time to make fun of ourselves and poke fun at others. President Obama did his share and pulled it off well the most recent White House Correspondence Dinner. And he did it solo.

However, I still think the best appearance at the White House Correspondence Dinner to date is President Bush with special Bush impressionist Steve Berry. Granted, President Bush needed a side-kick to make this work, but it is priceless.

Jeff Donates Money Back to TARP

This video is part of the Jeff and Glenn whirlwind tour of Washington DC last week. We are adding this to our series of “shameless plugs” for the show. We hope you like it.

Paterson Skit on SNL

paterson on SNL

Did the Governor Paterson skit on Saturday Night Line go over the line?