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Episode 107 – A Compromise with No Compromises

In this episode, Jeff and Glenn discuss the recent compromise in the tax rate extensions and the results of the debt and deficit commission report with Jeff Thiebert. Jeff is the National Grassroots Director for the Concord Coalition. The Concord Coalition is a nationwide, non-partisan, grassroots organization advocating generationally responsible fiscal policy. Together, the PoliTalk Boys and Jeff Thiebolt discuss the potential results of unbridled spending on the economy and the country. They also explore the ramifications of a tax compromise that had no compromises. If you pay taxes, don’t miss this fun and informative episode.

Best Friends. Vast Experience. Engaging political discussion without the fighting…and with a few laughs. It’s PoliTalk, your weekly political podcast.

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I Will Gladly Pay You in 2014 For A Hamburger Today

The choices we face today range from bad to horrific.  For those naysayers who believe there is no sovereign debt crisis looming, you are just not paying attention.

This week the House will vote on a federal spending bill that will add $26B to the deficit?

But wait Guest Blogger Jeff! – I heard about a jobs bill the House was voting on today to save 300,000 jobs?  And I heard that it was paid for?  Is that what you are talking about?

OK – flip on the Rachael Maddow show, go back to sleep, and just believe that there is a magical money tree growing in the capital atrium.

The bill being voted on is to plug budget gaps in State & Local spending that may lead to cuts in employment in the public sector.  The bill will not create a single job.  It will in fact save jobs, but it will also add to the deficit and let states off the hook in making the tough choices to balance their budgets.  Inevitably we will be voting on another bill like this every 6-9 months over the next 2-3 years just like we keep voting to extend unemployment benefits.  That will add hundreds of $billions to the deficit.

But wait again I say!!!  It’s paid for! – that’s what you conservative scumbags wanted in order to save our heroic teachers and firefighters from having to go on 99 weeks of unemployment benefits!!!!!

Well – not really.  Nearly half the money for the “offset” is coming from proposed cuts to the food stamp programs, which will go into effect in 2014.  Is there anyone who actually believes that in 2014 – about when the 2016 Presidential campaigns will begin, that Congress will actually make the decision on cutting food stamps to pay for these saved jobs?

Of course they wont!

So – does that mean we shouldn’t pass this bill – well – I’m torn.  It will hurt the economy not having these folks able to pump lots of pointless consumer spending into the system.  But by the same token – I know when someone is pulling the wool over my eyes.

Can we get some courage? Can we make a real cut to spending? – How about a pay roll back on government workers of 5%?  That would be a nice sacrifice for the taxpayers continuing to pay their salaries.  What a heroic act for public unions to volunteer pay cuts to keep their jobs!

Did I mention the $16B in Medicaid spending in this bill?  How’s that Healthcare Bill Deficit Reduction Thingy going?

I know where the remains of Jimmy Hoffa are!  They are buried under the capital atrium providing nutrient rich food for the money tree growing there.  And his spirit is fueling the new most powerful force in America.  The public sector workers unions!

What do you think?  Guest Blogger Jeff


Episode 89 – Debt, Deficit and the Concord Coalition

“The Accountants are Coming, The Accountants are Coming!” – It took an accountant to take down Al Capone, what will it take to bring down out of control government spending? Our Guest Jeff Thiebert, National Grassroots Director for the Concord Coalition helps break it down for us as Glenn and Guest Blogger Jeff start building their bunkers for the coming financial apocalypse. Mr. Thiebert tells us about Concord’s, “Fiscal Wake Up” tours, and how you can get involved as part of the solution. If you are yourself, or have ever dated an actuary, or wanted to date an actuary, then don’t listen to this show. But, if you want to cold hard facts on what it will take to tackle the critical spending issues that face our nation, then tune in. Don’t spend another dime with your credit card until you listen to this show.

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Where’s my 5.7% raise? – 2011 Budget Released by White House

Cat people are becoming Dog People. Liberals are sounding like conservatives. Liberals are even budgeting like conservatives. What’s going on with this crazy world? I am probably the only geek in the world that gets excited by the release of the President’s Budget. I downloaded it, and I’m reading through it now. I encourage you to watch the video above, and listen to our show to get more info.

I’ll save my analysis and judgments for the next episode of our show, which we will be doing later this week, but I am struck by one thing: this budget offers me the opportunity to have my ice cream along with my spinach…meaning, it appears that there are a lot of cuts in programs (spinach) — but there are no cuts in military spending, and the overall budget increases spending by 5.7% (ice cream). The communications promise belt tightening down the road, with across the board freezes coming in the “out years” of the budget, but this year we’re looking at a $3.8 trillion budget, which represents a 5.7% increase in federal spending, along with an increase in the size of the deficit and debt. Increases in military spending, cuts in federal programs…

Is this Progressive budgeting? Or do we find ourselves back in the Reagan/Bush era?  Does this mean that working people are going to see their wages rise by 5.7%? I understand the concept of deficit spending, but that doesn’t mean the federal budget has to increase at such a high rate. There are other ways we can spend our way out of this recession, grow the economy, create jobs, continue to fight Al Queda and still live within our means. These concepts don’t need to be mutually exclusive. And if we’re going to ask Americans to live within their means during this difficult time, then the federal government should hold itself to the same standard. This from a Progressive Democrat.

— Jeff Kimball


Don’t Forget the Deficit…

I am a progressive. I want a leaner, more efficient, more effective progressive government. My liberal tendencies don’t preclude me from being a traditional Yankee — and fiscally conservative at that, despite the “progressive” label and popular beliefs. As we have discussed on our show, I’m also a huge proponent of health care reform. But the thing I fear the most right now is that our deficit is growing out of control and nobody is really focusing on it. Sure, there’s talk about it, but there isn’t action yet in the form of legislation. The best article I’ve read on this? From the Brookings Institution. Yeah, that’s right, the so-called liberal Brookings Institution. Here it is, and kudos to them. Everyone should read this article, which is why I’m posting it on the site. — Jeff