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Arrogance Brought to you by Senator Harry Reid

In a stunning start to the lame duck session of the US Senate, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid takes part of his opening remarks to congratulate the University of Nevada Football Team. Is this unprecedented? Certainly not, however, it shows the Senator’s arrogance and ignorance in a time when “time” is of the essence. Republicans are balking over the legislative agenda that Senator Reid has put forth include the tax cut extension, DADT, START treaty and the Dream Act.

The Republicans have already balked that there will not be enough time to do this all (and they are probably right given Senator Reid’s approach to leading by example).

Senator Reid’s arrogance is shown by deciding to put a decidedly politically patronizing message that plays to his constituents in front of the pressing nation’s business at a time when the clock is ticking down with less than a month to go with a entrenched Republican opposition.

Democrats voters often wonder why after having an unprecedented 2008 election sweeping in majorities of both houses and the presidency, they still could not get what they wanted. It is due in part to how their political leaders, well, lead.

I am not a Democrat. But, I have to believe that there are Democrats and Republicans who are just as infuriated about this as I am. Or maybe its just me.

What do you think?

— Glenn


Episode 103 – Debt Commission, Pelosi and Post Election Politics

A groundbreaking report was released by the co-chairs of President Obama’s Debt and Deficit Reduction Commission. What does the report entail, and why is EVERYONE so upset about it? To make progress on the debt and deficit means doing more than the PR savvy and politically popular thing like cutting earmarks or reducing domestic or defense spending. Dealing with the debt and deficit means making real tough choices — like putting everything on the table, including social security reforms and medicare. But to do this, one has to risk losing power and money in the guise of support from their own constituencies. Why is it that the Obama administration is backing off its engagement of tax cuts for the wealthy? What is the new post-election political landscape, and what do these actions from the Obama administration mean in terms of short and long term politics? And it seems the more things change, the more they stay the same, with Speaker Pelosi deciding to retain her leadership of the House Democrats. Jeff and Glenn wonder why leaders don’t know when to step aside? With the Democrats losing a historic number of seats in House, why is it that everyone in leadership positions retains their jobs? Is that sending the right message to voters? Our co-hosts close by giving a plea to listeners to nominate PoliTalk for the podcasting award.

Document referenced in this show:
Debt Commission Co-chair’s Proposal

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Angle Attack Ad Hits Reid in His Pocket

Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle sends another ad in the final weeks of the campaign to question how  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made his money while he has been a public servant. The ad asks: “How did Harry Reid get so wealthy on a public servant’s income?”

The ad follows the line of questioning delivered at the recent debate where Angle positioned Reid as someone who has done well financially through his political service. The ad goes even further by incorporating Reid’s claim from the debate that he has been on a fixed income. The ad also speaks to Reid’s “million dollar” condo in the Ritz Carlton.

In a razor thin race and current mood of Nevada residents who are experiencing a 14% unemployment rate, this ad will have some traction.

US Senate Debate for Nevada – Reid vs. Angle

Nevada Senate Debate 2010

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) faced challenger Republican Sharron Angle in a debate held in Las Vegas. This is the only scheduled debate between the two candidates. Sen. Reid is running for a 5th term against the Tea Party-backed Sharron Angle, who is also a former member of the Nevada State Assembly.

Dumb and Dumber – Are Democrats Holding Unemployment Benefits Hostage?

Yes – Democrats are holding up benefits to the unemployed!  No they aren’t.  And neither are Republicans.  We are just witnessing the worst that Washington has to offer in a slow motion car wreck involving our financial future.

Democrats want to extend unemployment benefits as “emergency” funding and not pay for it under the “pay-as-you-go” rules reinstated by the democratic congress. These rules would require offsetting cuts in spending to fund new initiatives. (Even though congress approved offsets to fund extensions in Nov 2009)

Republicans won’t let the bill go forward unless its paid for, and have offered versions of a compromise that would pay for it with cuts, or by using stimulus money.

The Democrats rejected it.  Really!?

There is nearly $180B in funds still yet to be spent in the Stimulus bill.  If that money is already there, does it make sense to borrow more money from foreign sources to pay for the extension of unemployment?

In this contest of dumb and dumber, I just don’t know who wins.  The Democrats for waiting to get back their 60 seat super-majority in order to borrow several billion dollars more even though the money is already allocated, or the Republicans for not being able to figure out how to get a compromise deal cut, and letting themselves be positioned as obstructionist?

Both moves make congress as a whole look more inept than ever.

What do you think?

Guest Blogger Jeff


Sharron Angle Interview

Wow! You need to watch this. Republican Senatorial Candidate Sharron Angle steps up to her first interview outside of right leaning media. We see another Tea Party candidate talking about her views and positions on policy.

There is a certain genuineness that you don’t get with most politicians. However, she comes across as naive on many issues, backtracking on past statements and extremely out of the mainstream on others.


Episode 64 – Reid on Race, Obama on Transparency & Glenn on Taxing Fat

Should Sen. Reid resign? Will his comments on President Obama’s race effect his ability to lead the Senate? How does President Obama reconcile the inconsistency with the pledges made by Sen. Obama? Will the health care negotiations be broadcast on C-Span? Is a tax on fat the savior of health care reform? All those questions answered and more, in this episode of PoliTalk. Always entertaining and informative, it’s PoliTalk, your weekly political Podcast.

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