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Keith Olbermann Apology Letter

The New York Times posted a link to the following letter of apology from Keith Olberman, MSNBC’s host of Countdown that was suspended on Friday for breaking the company’s policy against political donations.


by Keith Olbermann

I want to sincerely thank you for the honor of your extraordinary and ground-rattling support. Your efforts have been integral to the remedying of these recent events, and the results should remind us of the power of individuals spontaneously acting together to correct injustices great or small. I would also like to acknowledge with respect the many commentators and reporters, including those with whom my politics do not overlap, for their support.

I also wish to apologize to you viewers for having precipitated such anxiety and unnecessary drama. You should know that I mistakenly violated an inconsistently applied rule – which I previously knew nothing about – that pertains to the process by which such political contributions are approved by NBC. Certainly this mistake merited a form of public acknowledgment and/or internal warning, and an on-air discussion about the merits of limitations on such campaign contributions by all employees of news organizations. Instead, after my representative was assured that no suspension was contemplated, I was suspended without a hearing, and learned of that suspension through the media.

You should also know that I did not attempt to keep any of these political contributions secret; I knew they would be known to you and the rest of the public. I did not make them through a relative, friend, corporation, PAC, or any other intermediary, and I did not blame them on some kind of convenient ‘mistake’ by their recipients. When a website contacted NBC about one of the donations, I immediately volunteered that there were in fact three of them; and contrary to much of the subsequent reporting, I immediately volunteered to explain all this, on-air and off, in the fashion MSNBC desired.

I genuinely look forward to rejoining you on Countdown on Tuesday, to begin the repayment of your latest display of support and loyalty – support and loyalty that is truly mutual.


Alvin Greene’s Last Word (well not quite)

In spite of  Lawrence O’Donnell’s interview style, his recent talk with Alvin Greene is just one thing to a viewer… painful. You have to wonder who is behind Alvin Greene. It is hard to believe that Alvin Greene is giving himself talking points. You be the judge.

Episode 7: Please Pass the $700 Billion

If only it were just Grey Poupon, but no, the US Government wants to spend $700 billion to prop up the economy. In this episode, you’ll (finally) get a plain English description of the enormously confusing, and enormously important, proposed bailout package. And in their review of the debate they explain why John McCain won’t be invited to play in Barack Obama’s sandbox anymore. We end on our take on the latest adventure in the world of Sarah Palin. The latest episode of Politalk is up! Give it a listen — you won’t be disappointed.

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Last Shot Questions – at the end of every episode, we end with a couple of questions for our listeners to ponder and give us their thoughts. This week:

Jeff asks – “Do you think there is a free market for healthcare?”

Glenn asks – “Do you think we will have any money left over to do anything after this bailout bill?”

Please add your answers and comments on the show below.

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It’s the Economy Stupid

I don’t want to take valuable real estate which would result in visitors possibly missing Glenn’s excellent posts — you’ve got to hear Letterman! But I just can’t let a day pass without commenting on John McCain’s bizarre stunt, and it must be seen for what it is. If he had a true interest in the economy — what amounts to Foreign Relations for him — he would have been involved in the policy discussions from the start. By every account and every person I’ve talked to in the Senate — where I used to work — he has had zero involvement. So then he decides to suspend his campaign, but he didn’t tell his running mate that, who was out negatively attacking Obama yesterday. So what gives? I think the best answer to that question comes from Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA), when he said, “all of a sudden, now that we are on the verge of making a deal, John McCain drops himself in to help us make a deal. We are trying to rescue the economy, not the McCain campaign.”  What he’s really trying to do is pull a political stunt while seeming to take the high moral ground and buy more time to figure out just exactly how that economy thing works. But pulling stunts and negatively attacking your opponent may make good debate tactics, but it’s no way to get us out of this mess.  — Jeff