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Episode 104 – Obama Head of State vs CEO

With House Democrats considering Speaker Pelosi’s election to Minority Leader, Jeff and Glenn wonder how President Obama and the Democrats will manage the Lame Duck session, and probe why President Obama’s leadership style spells doom for Democrats. It isn’t that the President needs to triangulate or find a new message, it’s that he needs to listen to the words of Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, who in 2008 opined that the job of the President is to be Head of State and Chief Executive Officer of the government. Until President Obama and his staff start doing things differently, not just saying that they are, things will stay the same, and we’re in for yet another change election in 2012. That the President isn’t taking the lead of his party and calling for fresh faces, as he was in 2008, and new approaches, means the more things change, the more they stay the same. Republicans, for their benefit, need to get off the sidelines and into the game. Using a baseball metaphor, they find themselves walked to third and they’re acting like they hit a triple. Politics used to stop at our borders, but Sen. Kyl’s outright refusal to negotiate in good faith shows that the Republicans are more interested in political tactics than they are serious public policy.

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Episode 103 – Debt Commission, Pelosi and Post Election Politics

A groundbreaking report was released by the co-chairs of President Obama’s Debt and Deficit Reduction Commission. What does the report entail, and why is EVERYONE so upset about it? To make progress on the debt and deficit means doing more than the PR savvy and politically popular thing like cutting earmarks or reducing domestic or defense spending. Dealing with the debt and deficit means making real tough choices — like putting everything on the table, including social security reforms and medicare. But to do this, one has to risk losing power and money in the guise of support from their own constituencies. Why is it that the Obama administration is backing off its engagement of tax cuts for the wealthy? What is the new post-election political landscape, and what do these actions from the Obama administration mean in terms of short and long term politics? And it seems the more things change, the more they stay the same, with Speaker Pelosi deciding to retain her leadership of the House Democrats. Jeff and Glenn wonder why leaders don’t know when to step aside? With the Democrats losing a historic number of seats in House, why is it that everyone in leadership positions retains their jobs? Is that sending the right message to voters? Our co-hosts close by giving a plea to listeners to nominate PoliTalk for the podcasting award.

Document referenced in this show:
Debt Commission Co-chair’s Proposal

Best Friends. Vast Experience. Engaging political discussion without the fighting…and with a few laughs. It’s PoliTalk, your weekly political podcast.

You can get the PoliTalk Podcast on  iTunes and Zune

The Hypocrisy of Tax & Spend Culture Warfare

“My stance is that the Bush-era tax cuts contributed to the deficit, did not create any jobs and that they should be repealed,” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said at her weekly briefing. House of Representatives leader Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday she backs letting lower tax rates for high-income earners expire at year-end, despite opposition by several Senate Democrats who argue the economy is too fragile for higher taxes.

Source – Real Clear Politics – 7/22/10

It’s sort of like when you are a teenager and came home drunk after a party.  Your Dad was waiting at the door and caught you off guard.  You know you need a story, and you know that the story you come up with sober the next morning is going to be much better.  But its game time. You have to say something, so you say something that makes no sense, and hope that Mom is in a better mood in the AM, and Dad has already left for work.

That’s kind of how the House Leadership sounds as they walk back 10 years of rhetoric on the Bush tax cuts.  Democrats have been talking for years about how bad the Bush tax cuts have been for the economy.  They increased the deficit (very true) and they only benefited the wealthy (very untrue).  But now all of a sudden, in an election year, these tax cuts seem to have benefits to the middle class, though just a few months ago they only benefited wealthy Americans.

Extending the tax cuts for top wage earners would keep an additional $676B over 10 years in the hands of citizens and in the public sector.  For an administration whose stimulus has failed to create jobs, for an administration whose borrowing money from China to pay for unemployment benefits, you would think they would want those American dollars out in the American economy.

And to think that the reason not to do this is that wealthy American’s save too much.  As if savings were a bad thing.  Saving to the affluent means putting money in the stock market or real estate, it doesn’t just go into a mattress.  Both create momentum in the economy.  Remember also that wealthy Americans are generally small business owners who create jobs.

I would support not extending the tax cuts because the right thing to do is to raise revenue and borrow less from China.  I can’t be a hypocrite now about reducing the deficit.

I would also support extending the tax cuts across the board based on the reasoning that we need to pump stimulus into the economy.

What I cannot support is the concept of the government choosing who gets taxed based on ability to pay, and expanding the entitlement and wealth re-distribution state.

My opinion – we should let the tax cuts expire for all Americans and keep the AMT – we have to pay for our past and future sins of overspending.

We the people must understand there is a price to pay for expanded government services.  That price is higher taxes. Maybe if we feel the pain of higher taxes, we will be willing to part with the services and the associated dependency that comes with expanded government.

What do you think?

Guest Blogger Jeff


Republicans and Democrats Both Put Politics Before Country

That’s right Speaker Pelosi, get close to getting a bill passed then politicize it before the vote… Is this your vote as Speaker? What were you thinking?

Oh and let’s not forget the Republicans for trying to scapegoat Pelosi for why the deal did not pass. If you don’t like the Bill, say it. Don’t play politics in an economic crisis.

So let’s be clear, both parties are showing their inability to work together, especially in a time of crisis. — Glenn