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Where are they?

By this point in the 2008 cycle, then Sen. Barack Obama had announced and raised $26 million (the actual date was Feb. 10, 2007). There’s a lot of talk coming from the Republicans, but no candidates. I understand why they want to keep argument confined to legislative issues, but I’m not hearing a lot about staff hires or boat-loads of cash being raised by The Gang of 13. Interesting…

— Jeff K

The 2012 Presidential Campaign begins NOW!!

It might seem early, but the 2012 Presidential campaign is in full swing. Based on my experience in Presidential campaigns, I can assure you that fundraising operations are being set up, organizations are being put together, and messages tested.

The way I look at it, the GOP field breaks down into two categories: Managers vs. Ideologues. Ideologues rule the primary process, especially in Iowa and New Hampshire, but someone with the right strategy can wether the ideological storm and find their way to the South and West, and possibly have a shot at the nomination.

The best way to beat someone like President Obama is with his opposite politically — and contrary to what most people think, that is NOT an ideologue. Sarah Palin, like her or not, is another version of Obama. The strongest challenge to President Obama, in my view, comes from the Managers side of the equation — someone like a Mitch Daniels — Center-Right pragmatic managers who are fiscally disciplined and able to get things done well and who might lack Obama’s rhetorical flourish but who can connect with “small talk” — to workers in union lines or soccer moms at weekend games. Look for the Obama team to prop up Sarah Palin or Mike Huckabee — their dream candidates in a national election. Should be interesting…

Daniels, Giuliani, Pawlenty, Hunstman, Barbour, Haley

Palin, Huckabee, Gingrich, Pence, Thune

Mitt Romney, being the political chameoleon he is, ran first as a manager, now is an ideologue, who will become a “manager” if he wins the nomination. Slick Mitt is someone to watch, if his moves don’t become so transparent that he alienates everyone.

— Jeff K


Republicans haven’t been for much of anything over the last couple of years. In fact, it seems they have enjoyed using their filibuster power at record levels, simply delaying or denying things based on arcane procedure, and not letting a simple majority rule. Okay, it’s their right…But after leading us into The Great Recession through their own fiscal irresponsibility when they were in control of the White House and Congress, they now return to their well-worn, tired ideas to offer up the one thing they are for: more tax cuts. Hey, that’s great — let’s cut everyone’s taxes, hand out sugar plumbs and go live on La La Land, where the air is sweet and the people are grand. Back in the world I live in, these same Republicans were against renewing unemployment benefits, against most of the things Democrats have been trying to do, because of the negative impact the policies would have on the deficit. Their mantra? If you want it, find a way to pay for it. So now, in a campaign season, they make an issue out of extending the Bush tax cuts, but do they offer up a way to pay for them? No. They pay for themselves, their argument goes. I’m willing to take an unpopular position: while tax cuts are great ideas when running for office, we can’t afford them right now. Pandering will get you everywhere politically, but it will run the country into a deeper hole. I know people don’t want to hear it, but if you eat cake and ice cream all day long, it sure does taste good, but it’s going to make you fat. Period. And the only way to work it off is discipline, hard work and cutting the fat.

How stupid do they think we are? Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us.  We need to hold everyone to the same standard. These cowardly hypocrites need to be held accountable. This is complete and total hypocricy that should not be tolerated during serious times. Where’s the outrage from the Tea Party now? Where are the fiscal conservatives calling this irresponsible?  I applaud David Stockman, the architect of Ronald Reagan’s fiscal policies, for calling this proposal absurd, but are there any prominent Republicans from, say, the last 20 years who have the guts to call the Republicans on this? How about you, Glenn Beck?  John McCain? Sarah Palin, do you have the cajones to speak out, or does your half-term as Governor not give you the requisite experience to speak intelligently on such matters without someone whispering in your ear or writing on your hand?

The Republicans are a mockery to the very notion of an opposition party. You get what you deserve, America.

– Jeff Kimball


Burn One Down!

Source: CC by PDX Pipeline on flickr

In an article posted on the Daily Caller (my new favorite website) Sarah Palin is quoted as telling FOX News recently that people smoking marijuana in the privacy of their own home should be left alone!!!

Is this her libertarian streak?

Is this a pivot to the middle?

Or is it just the only way to get through 6 months of darkness in the great tundra?

The world will start spinning off it’s axis soon and Newt Gingrich will claim that men wearing women’s underwear is OK!

Check it out here.

Guest Blogger Jeff


Episode 8: The Second Presidential Debate – Talk Amongst Yourselves

With a debate that lacked policy specifics and, well, kind of boring, our hosts channel the humor of some great comedians (or at least they though they did), and aggressively dive into some deep policy discussions in the 8th episode of PoliTalk.

  • What is the nature of life?
  • Is health care a right or a responsibility? To Whom?
  • Why aren’t Jeff and Glenn hosting a morning show on MSNBC?

These are the vital questions debated this week in a show that’s sure to generate a lot of buzz.

Audience participation…

Leave comments on the following (or anything you want):

  1. Find out who sponsored the pork that was added to the Bailout Bill
  2. Check out the Palin/Cameron video and tell us what you think
  3. Check out the O’Reilly/Frank video and tell us what you think
  4. Name 10 things that you think the candidates were doing on their notepads during the debate

Listen to this podcast and spread the word… tell two friends, and so on and so on…

You can get the PoliTalk Podcast from Podcast.com and iTunes.

Palin on Fox News’ Carl Cameron

Carl Cameron revisits the Katie Couric interview questions.

Time to Channel Lincoln: There Really is a Crisis

$1.2 trillion was taken out of people’s pocket’s yesterday — not Wall Street Titans, but nurses, union laborers, teachers, carpenters — anyone who has a retirement account or an IRA. You lost money. You got screwed by Congress’ sheepish inability to see past the next election. To make matters worse, read the following story about how rates are soaring and banks aren’t lending money. In addition, the financial cancer is spreading globally and banks are now starting to fail in Europe. Meanwhile, in order to stay afloat and protect their own balance sheets, banks are calling loans. Not just mortgage loans, but business loans. I know. I’m seeing it happen in my own family. In order to meet those loans, businesses are starting to lay off people. Again, not just Wall Street Titans, but regular folks like you and me.

Congress had the opportunity to do something that was necessary but unpopular. Real leadership involves leading people — explaining to us what we need to hear, not just what we want to hear. This is unpopular because we have a Congress that talks of bipartisanship but doesn’t practice it, and we have Congressmen who are more willing to save their own backside than take a risk and really explain this. In addition, we have a President who is so unpopular and whose policies led us into this mess in the first place (Nancy Pelosi was right, just not right to say what she did when she did) that he can’t even convince his own party to do the right thing.

This reminds me of another moment in time: the abolition of slavery. What if Lincoln thought it was just too hard, too politically risky to confront a crisis facing our nation? Where is the political will? Where is the outrage? Where are those who will stand up and lead us?  Where is the President? What if Lincoln gave a couple speeches in the rose garden and just kind of mailed the rest in? Why isn’t the President out there fighting for this — visiting the districts of the two thirds of Republicans who voted against him complaining of this. This is his legacy. The Dow is now lower than it was when he took office. This is primarily a failure of Republican philosophy and Republican deregulatory infatuation. So now that we’re in this mess, they have a responsibility to help get us out of it. They, and everyone else who holds a vote in Congress. — Jeff