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Republicans and Democrats don’t get Wisconsin….and why we still need a third party who does

The spin is entirely predictable…

Republicans – Obama is on the ropes and Wisconsin rejected big bad labor unions.

Democrats – Wisconsin voted against recalls not against unions, and BTW you outspent us 7 to 1 – thank you militant right wing supreme court.

Both takes are wrong.  Best analysis I’ve seen of the election was from reason.com – yes another one of my go-to Libertarian media outlets.  See the article here.

The net.  Voters are smart and practical.  They’ve realized – its the math stupid.  We are out of money.  Voters in Wisconsin said its completely OK for public union members to pay for their own benefits – what a radical stance!!!!  They said its OK to look at adjusting the playing field which gives unions the ability to leverage taxpayer dollars to vote out politicians that that don’t give them huge contracts.  Go figure – Wisconsin voters and FDR have something in common – they both fear the corrupting power of public sector unions.

For years I’ve been saying all voters want is for someone to tell them the tough truth about our finances.  Scott Walker told the truth and in the process became the only governor to ever survive a recall election.

And in case you missed it, San Diego and San Jose voted to curb public sector benefits as well.  So California and the state famous for having open socialists preside over a major city (several Milwaukee mayors were real genuine socialists) all voted to curb the power and benefits of public sector union.  Not because they hate teachers, puppies and the poor.  But because it made perfectly logical financial sense.

There is hope….

Guest Blogger Jeff