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Episode 107 – A Compromise with No Compromises

In this episode, Jeff and Glenn discuss the recent compromise in the tax rate extensions and the results of the debt and deficit commission report with Jeff Thiebert. Jeff is the National Grassroots Director for the Concord Coalition. The Concord Coalition is a nationwide, non-partisan, grassroots organization advocating generationally responsible fiscal policy. Together, the PoliTalk Boys and Jeff Thiebolt discuss the potential results of unbridled spending on the economy and the country. They also explore the ramifications of a tax compromise that had no compromises. If you pay taxes, don’t miss this fun and informative episode.

Best Friends. Vast Experience. Engaging political discussion without the fighting…and with a few laughs. It’s PoliTalk, your weekly political podcast.

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PoliTalk Discusses Debt Commission, Taxes, Obama’s Weakness on thepulsenetwork.com (TPN) show

In an electric and engaging conversation, Jeff and Glenn today talked about the Debt and Deficit Commission Report, David Brooks idea to scrap the tax code, Jeff’s idea to let all the Bush tax cuts expire and start fresh with the Obama Tax Cuts, and Glenn’s devastating attack on President Obama’s weakness and ineffectiveness as a leader. Watch the show on The Pulse Nework by clicking here.

David Brooks Has a Dream for Tax Reform

David Brooks (Photo Credit - Josh Haner/The New York Times)

David Brooks’ Op-Ed in the New York Times yesterday is worth reading. He makes some great points that I believe pragmatic and independent minded voters (including myself) can appreciate and see a glimmer of hope that our politicians can do some good for our nation.

Read the full article here, but David Brooks lays out the dream that he hopes will be the Obama Administration tactic for the State of The Union:

Brooks is hoping that the President will take on the tax code and use the State of the Union as the launching pad in which the President might say,

“The plan we will work on this year will look a bit like the 1986 reform plan. We will clean out the loopholes. We will take on the special interests. We will lower rates and make the tax code fair.”

Brooks goes on to comment,

Then Obama asks his aides to come up with a tax reform proposal he can lay before Congress. The State of the Union, he knows, is the one big chance he will have to redefine himself before the American people. On the big night, Obama stands before Congress. He gestures over to a giant stack of papers. “This is our tax code,” he tells the American people. “It’s rotten and we’re scrapping it.”

Later on in his piece, Brooks talks about a debate he had with Congressman Paul Ryan last week at the conservative think tank AEI.

I argued that Obama and his aides are liberal or center-left pragmatists and that nothing they have said or written suggests they want to turn the U.S. into Sweden. I continued that Ryan’s sharply polarized vision is not only journalistically inaccurate, it makes compromise and politics impossible. If every concession is regarded as an unprincipled surrender that takes us inexorably farther down the road to serfdom, then nothing will get done and the nation will go bankrupt.

Check out the full article. It is worth a read.


Episode 106 – Lame Duck Session – Taxes, Treaties…or just Lame?

This show covers a lot of ground…maybe more than Congress has done in its Lame Duck Session! The show starts with an interesting discussion on the Bush Tax Cuts and the rich. Jeff points out that the wealthiest Americans used to pay taxes at a 94% rate, cut down to 77% under Lyndon Johnson, and then to 28% under Ronald Reagan. With Congress not cutting spending, and loopholes and breaks geared to special interests and the wealthy, Jeff and Glenn wonder how the tax cuts for the Lower and Middle Class Americans, and Small Businesses, will be paid for if not through higher taxes on the wealthy? Glenn points out the Warren Buffet came out this week and asked to pay higher taxes. Jeff pointed out that a study showed that in 2007, the 400 wealthiest Americans, due to tax breaks and loopholes, had an effective tax rate of 16.5%. They then talk about the prospects for the Start Treaty, and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, now that the Pentagon has released a comprehensive 9-month study showing that the vast majority of those serving in the military do not care about gays serving along side them. They close the show with an interesting discussion of the WikiLeaks issue, pointing out that the one thing not being discussed enough is the actual technological breach of security — and how something like this can be prevented from happening again.

Best Friends. Vast Experience. Engaging political discussion without the fighting…and with a few laughs. It’s PoliTalk, your weekly political podcast.

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Something Every Democrat Must Read…Thank You Ted Strickland

This story, which just ran on the Huffington Post, echoes what Glenn and I have been talking about on our show for over a year. Thank you Gov. Strickland for finally putting this out in the open. I hope someone in the communications and political shop at the White House and DNC is reading this.

– Jeff K

Episode 105 – Grope, Scan and Taxes

In this episode, Jeff and Glenn have a difference of opinion over the current airport scanner technology implementation. The result is a passionate debate over Jeff’s view of the money is well spent vs. Glenn’s view that the terrorists will find other holes as they have done with ink jet cartidge bombs in the cargo hold. Later in the show, the dynamic duo get down and dirty over the impending tax rate hike. Finally in last shots, Jeff tells of his upcoming movie and both Glenn and Jeff discuss a commercial that they shot this past weekend. You definitely want to hear the big reveal that Jeff makes about a piece of clothing he had to wear on the commercial.

Best Friends. Vast Experience. Engaging political discussion without the fighting…and with a few laughs. It’s PoliTalk, your weekly political podcast.

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Nothing to Fear but the Truth Itself

Sometimes when you are near the bottom, there is something that gives you hope.  I’ve been disheartened lately.  Because even if the Republicans manage to take back the House and make in-roads in the Senate, I’m skeptical that there will be enough new blood in Congress with the courage to bring the country back to fiscal sanity.  Quite simply, so few have the guts to give us the real story. Entitlements must be cut, taxes must be raised, and we need to completely re-think our role as a military power on the international stage.

So why am I hopeful this Sunday? Because I heard two conservatives actually being conservatives – saying that taxes would likely have to be raised on everyone to get us back to fiscal balance.  Finally, straight-talking conservatives spoke the truth without the fear of going against traditional Republican tax dogma.

These conservatives were Rick Santelli and David Brooks. Check out Meet the Press and hear it in their own words. Granted neither was running for office, so the risk of telling the truth was low.  But as Brooks pointed out, Americans are not quite ready to hear that we need to be cutting spending on social programs and raising taxes like they are doing in the U.K. today.

But for now a poll.