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More Alarming Video Out of Tehran

This video was posted today. It looks like it was taken from a cell phone. To say the least, it is disturbing. How does a country’s youth go back to business as usual after experiencing this?

Iran Election Protests Take Place, Tear Gas Used

Despite warnings from Iran’s Supreme Leader, Iranians in Tehran took to the streets on Saturday in protest of the recent presidential election. While there is a media ban on foreign media, Twitter reports and video uploaded to YouTube suggest that tear gas is being used to disperse crowds.

What is happening in Tehran, Iran? – Read it as it happens on Twitter

Twitter Search for Tehran

Twitter Search for Tehran

Want to find out what is happening in Tehran Iran over the election? You can find out for yourself by using Twitter. With Twitter, you can see what people in Tehran are saying about things. Just click here to get a search for “Tweets” that are coming from within 15 miles of Tehran.

It is amazing. You can read what is happening from the people who are there and experiencing the political unrest. Social Media tools like this can be a game changer for political movements.